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Kid’s Show Warns They Were Not Politically Correct Enough While Ignoring Dangerous Content

  The United States, and much of the world, seems to have lost all notions of common sense. Morality is no longer the foundation for which much of society deems right from wrong. With the liberal shove to inject LGBT ideals into every aspect of American life, including that of […]

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Gender Reveal Announcement Turns Deadly

  There is a party for everything nowadays – birthday, leaving for college, new job, and many more. However, bringing a new life into this world is certainly something to celebrate, and with modern technology allowing us to see the gender long before that memorable day where we get to […]

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Leftist Kindergarten Curriculum Teaches Kids To Abolish The Police

  Children are typically taught to have respect and reverence for police officers who fight crime and keep them safe against the bad guys. But this leftist school in Seattle is painting a different tune – teaching little kindergarten students to actually hate the police. In fact, the latest curriculum […]

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Sanitation Workers Hailed As Heroes After Rescuing Kidnapped Girl

  Kids love trash day! Not only do the beloved sanitation workers help us to keep our homes and communities tidy, but they also bring an ear-to-ear smile on eager young girls and boys who can’t wait to see the big trucks lift the can into the air and give […]

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Hot Mics Bust School Board Members Calling Parents Drug Addicts For Wanting Schools To Reopen

  A virtual school board meeting recently took place online – and school board members were actively talking and bashing parents among themselves. What they didn’t realize was a hot mic was live and picked up all their insulting comments towards parents – and you won’t believe all the horrific […]

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Candace Owens Has Found One More Way To Stand Behind The Future Of Conservatism

  Seems there is a small, yet mighty, group of leaders in this country who are willing to stand strong for the fundamental rights and Constitution this nation was founded on. Candace Owens has been one of those names we see time and time again slinging her stones at the […]

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This Country Just Permanently Banned Abortions Saving Countless Unborn Lives 

  With abortion legal and active in America – it can be hard to imagine a place where babies get the chance to live. And with countries around the world like Argentina and Ireland legalizing abortion, it seems as if the entire world has jumped on the abortion train. But […]

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Latest American Girl Doll Sneaks Lesbian Couple Into Storyline Without Warning Parents

  Little girls from all around the United States have delighted in having their very own American Girl Doll to call their own. But the latest American Girl 2021 “Girl of the Year” doll is anything but wholesome, and you won’t believe the story that accompanies her. Bringing politics into […]

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Ditch This Popular Toy So You Don’t Live With Regret

    Every mother has a toy they loathe that cannot seem to make it to the donation center because their daughter spots it in the “giveaway pile” before it is slipped in the trunk undetected. Most of the time these toys are ones with a million little pieces you […]

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Car Thief Lectures Woman For This Dire Mistake

  We all are guilty of leaving the car running while we grab take-out real quick- or have at least considered it! Yeah, we know someone could easily jump right in and leave us eating lo mein on the curb alone, but who wants to park and turn the engine […]