Radical Pro-Aborts Continue To Terrorize Pro-Lifers With Violence And Threats 

Photo by Ted Eytan on Flickr.com


Crisis-pregnancy centers all around the country continue to be destroyed at the hands of radical pro-abortion groups – and it’s worse than ever.

The latest causality is a pro-life center in Buffalo, New York which was firebombed and spray painted with the message “Jane was here.”

“Jane” refers to the radical new pro-abort group called Jane’s Revenge – and just wait until you hear about the terror they’ve promised to unleash.

Let’s make one thing clear.

Radical pro-aborts are not peacefully protesting for “women’s health.”

They are assaulting pro-lifers, destroying the property of pregnancy centers, and promising to do so much worse. 

But of course, this is no surprise. 

The left has long used violence to achieve their political objectives.

And Jane’s Revenge is an example of just how vile and hateful pro-aborts really are.

This group is instructing their followers to enact violence as soon as the official Supreme Court decision on Roe v. Wade is released.

But they’ve actually told their group to start the violence now.

Live Action reported:

“On the night the final ruling is issued — a specific date we cannot yet predict, but we know is arriving imminently — we are asking for courageous hearts to come out after dark.

Whoever you are and wherever you are, we are asking for you to do what you can to make your anger known.

We have selected a time of 8pm for actions nationwide to begin, but know that this is a general guideline. There may be other considerations involved in planning time and place. We do not claim to speak for every community or crew. We are simply calling out to you. And we hope you answer our cries.

To the cis male allies who would be interested in joining us in the streets, we say: you are certainly welcome, but you must use your privilege to shield and support us in a way that also enables us to get angry. Do not police us. Do not tell us what is and isn’t appropriate. But do aid us when we are in need.”

Telling supporters to “make their anger known” is a clear call for violence – which could even lead to pro-lifers being killed.

This is chilling.

But where is the outrage from the “peaceful left”?

Exactly… there isn’t any

The left pretends to only want “tolerance” and “acceptance” …

… while they are calling for violence against peaceful pro-lifers.

And why hasn’t Biden condemned this group? 

His silence speaks volumes. 

So as the abortion debate continues, and we await the official Roe v. Wade release – if you are out on the streets speaking out for life – brace yourselves. 

Be prepared for violence and threats – even as you simply want to stand and publicly speak for life in a peaceful manner. 

It’s only going to get worse before it gets better.

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