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What Were They Thinking? Family-Friendly Event Exposes Kids to Something Unbelievable

  Today’s parents are well-aware that there are all sorts of inappropriate behaviors, images, and messages out there in the world from which we need to shield our young children. Most of the time, these dangers come from online sources like social media, television programming, or film content – platforms […]
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Parents Can Help Kids Avoid This Complication of Distance Learning

  In recent years, parents have had to remain vigilant over the amount of time children spend in front of screens. But with technology rapidly evolving and even young children spending increased time in front of tablets, computers, and smart phones, we’re all spending more time staring at screens than […]
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This Parenting Pitfall Can Have a Lifelong Social Impact

  There are two things virtually every parent can agree on – it’s incredibly rewarding to be a parent, and it’s incredibly hard to know what to do all the time. We’re raised a certain way ourselves, are influenced by our own environments, friends and family, and sometimes just “wing […]
Moms – Just Say No To The New “Virtual Babysitting” Trend

Moms – Just Say No To The New “Virtual Babysitting” Trend

  America is in chaos as moms struggle to adjust to the “new norm” and figure out how they are supposed to work – and educate their children (if the schools are closed). Many moms are still working from home – and trying to balance the art of “doing it […]
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Teachers Stage “Sick Outs” To Protest Having To Go Back To School

  As summer comes to an end, it’s not uncommon for many children to dread going back to school. Some may fake being sick hoping to fool mom while others simply throw a tantrum at the thought of going back. Except this time, it’s the teachers who are in protest […]
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Leftist School District Tells Parents To Stop Teaching Their Own Children

  As school starts back up – parents and students everywhere are feeling the chaos of the unknown. Students are thrust into a social experiment of “virtual” learning and “hybrid” school weeks – and parents are left to clean up the mess. Naturally, parents want to make sure their children […]
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Get Your Child To Read Fervently With Controversial Dad Hack

  Children can be very reluctant to do things we ask of them, even if it is completely for their benefit. Nothing highlights this truth more than educational endeavors – like teaching your child their shapes, how to dress themselves, or even how to read. How do we encourage our […]
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New Research Can Help Women Understand This Tragedy Is Not Their Fault

  There is no greater tragedy a human being can experience than losing a child. Many times when a child is lost during pregnancy, whether through miscarriage or stillbirth, parents – especially mothers – may feel there is something they could have done to “prevent” this tragic and life-changing outcome. […]
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PRO-LGBT Teachers Fear If Parents Have Access To Child’s Virtual Learning It Will “Damage Gender”

  Leftist educators love when parents send their children to school and they have full access to brainwash them with pro-LGBT propaganda. Knowing mom and dad are not in the classroom, many pro-LGBT teachers take full advantage at the chance to operate in secrecy hoping parents will never know what’s […]
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Incredible: Two Parents Both In A Wheelchair Shatter Stereotypes In How To Raise A Child

  Raising a baby can be tough – especially when one of the parents has a disability. But for this new family of three – BOTH mom and dad spend most of their time in a wheelchair, and while they’ve had to adapt they are thriving at raising their little […]