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Rushing Into Academics Isn’t What Your Child Needs For Success

  We all want to see our children not just make it through life, but thrive. Somewhere along the lines society has taught us that in order for this to happen we have to sign our kids up for every possible group possible- creative dance class, math club, soccer, and […]
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Childcare Centers Open During Lockdown Share Some Surprising News About Virus

  Since the early days of this past spring, we’ve been dealing with learning a new way of life – some of the changes voluntary, some thrust upon us by government overreach. This global pandemic has given us more time with our children at home, and we’ve learned to adapt […]
Kick Off Summer With 3 Amazing Toddler Activities

Kick Off Summer With 3 Amazing Toddler Activities

  Filling up the long, beautiful summer days with activities your toddler enjoys can seem like an endless task- especially when they only play with one thing for ten minutes at a time. The go-to move for wiggly, bored toddlers is to set them up with the tantalizing screen, where […]
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Sesame Street Celebrates “Pride Month” By Blasting LGBT Propaganda At Innocent Children

  LGBT activists have deemed June “pride month” and are using it as an excuse to throw even more propaganda at the world – especially children. From businesses flying rainbow flags and selling pro-LGBT merchandise, to cartoons and kids’ shows promoting the LGBT agenda, yet again children are caught in […]
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What To Do When Your Child’s Anger Turns To Rage

  Every mom has the challenge of helping their little ones navigate different emotions. And throughout the tragedies of life, especially with the latest chaos happening in our world, many children are feeling confused and unable to comprehend what is going on around them. But some children have become enraged […]
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Never Too Little To Learn! Check Out These Fun Learning Activities For Your Toddler

  Curious toddlers enjoy using their senses to explore and test the big new world around them. From discovering how their body works through kinetic motions to imitating the sights and sounds they see, children learn best by play. So if you think your little one might too young to […]
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Every Mom Of A Child With Special Needs Longs For These Main Things

  Many moms who are raising a child with special needs silently struggle while they watch the world go by. And while they may seem to have it “all together”, they are longing for others to step in and help – even if they don’t always communicate what they need […]
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Leftist Educator Disses Homeschooling Moms And Claims They Are Inadequate To Teach Kids

  Given the current environment in schools, more and more moms are choosing to homeschool their children, and rightfully so. From leftist teachers who brainwash children to embrace the LGBT lifestyle to ridiculous CDC guidelines which have now turned schools into prisons, concerned moms don’t want their children anywhere near […]
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5 Father’s Day Crafts The Kids Can Do With Pride

  It seems that dads have a short list when it comes to Father’s day gifts – a tie, cologne, or golf tees. Dads are a special addition to the family bringing a dynamic that contributes to so many precious moments. This coming Father’s Day, have the kids create dad, […]
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If Your Child Struggles With Nightmares, Here Are A Few Things You Can Do

  Some children have no problems dozing off in their comfy bed and sleeping through the night. But other children struggle with nightmares and bad dreams which can leave them feeling scared, helpless, and confused. The good news is, if your little one is having nightmares there are a few […]