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Teen Girl Speaks Out About A Grown Adult Male Using The Same Locker Room At Local YMCA

  17-year-old Rebecca Phillips had just finished working out at her local YMCA and went to shower in the women’s locker room as she usually does. But she was horrified when she saw a grown adult male walking around the women’s locker room naked. And you won’t believe the opposition […]

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Sixth-Grade Field Trip Ends With Students Pole Dancing In An Alcohol-Stacked Club 

  A group of sixth-grade students embarked on a field trip adventure to the Detroit Symphony Orchestra – and stopped for lunch after. But what seemed like the start to an innocent and educational event horrified parents once they saw posted photos of their precious children… dancing on poles. So […]

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Crocs And Teletubbies Participate In “DragCon” Event To Target Children

  RuPaul’s ‘DragCon’ event in the UK is exactly what you’d expect – an entire conference dedicated to “drag queens” and all things LGBT. But this raunchy event isn’t created just for adults – in fact it’s actually marketed towards children with a host of activities tailored specifically for them! […]

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“Drag Queens” Declare War On Traditional Family Values

  LGBT activists have made one thing clear – they’re gunning for our children. In every way possible, they sneak in all things “transgender” – from “drag queen” shows to sexual content in the classroom to persuade kids to “change genders.” And the latest slew of events reveals just how […]

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Doctors Pressured Her To Abort Her Baby With Downs Syndrome But This Mom Refused

  Jessica Capitani and her husband struggled to conceive – so the couple was THRILLED to learn they finally were expecting their first child. But throughout all the excitement at Capitani’s 20-week ultrasound – doctors informed her their baby had Downs syndrome. Immediately, the doctor pressured her to have an […]

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Schools Busted Handing Out ‘Plan B’ To Students Without Parental Consent

  Brazen school officials somehow think they can do whatever they want with other people’s children – including involving themselves in ultra-personal affairs. From handing out condoms to middle schoolers to helping kids hide their “true gender” from their parents – one didn’t think things could get any worse. But […]

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Texas Judge Protects Teens With Pro-Family Ruling

  Society likes to tell our youth that they don’t need their parents to make informed, educated decisions. The fact is, adolescents were given parents for a reason, to help their still developing minds navigate the throes of life. While liberals are tirelessly working to widen the chasm between teens […]

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Fisher Price Markets New “RuPaul” Little People Toys To Children

Photo by José Luis Ruiz on   Those of us who grew up playing with Little People remember the days of typical characters like policemen or doctors. But now – Fisher Price has introduced a “special edition” figure set… featuring none other than three RuPaul characters. And once you […]

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Libraries Deny Kirk Cameron’s Story Hour While Allowing Sexual Predators To Read To Kids

  It’s no secret public libraries are pawns for LGBT activists – but their bias against Christian conservatives has reached an all-time high. While “drag queens” are ushered through the doors to read stories to children… Christians like Kirk Cameron are shunned. And once you hear why libraries don’t want […]

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American Girl Doll Book Encourages Little Girls As Young As 3-Years-Old To “Change Genders”

  It was only a matter of time before yet another beloved children’s toy fell victim to the “transgender” craze. American Girl published a book promoting puberty blockers – and telling children to find a “trusted adult” if their parents don’t support their gender change. And once you hear the […]