Disneyland Gearing Up To Host A “Pride After Dark” Event This Summer

Photo by Cory Doctorow on Flickr.com


Not missing a beat in promoting their LGBT agenda – Disney is at it again, and you won’t believe what they’ve done this time.

Continuing with their assault on traditional family values, Disneyland in California has just released the details for an event set to debut this June, and it’s worse than we could have ever imagined.

In support of “pride month,” Disneyland has scheduled a “pride after dark” event with all things LGBT targeted specifically at children – and just wait until you hear the details.

On their website, Disney boasts the event will include a “pride cavalcade” featuring Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and other characters dressed in special attire.

Disney encourages all guests to say “Pride!” as they take photos in front of “Pride-themed” backdrops with inspirational messages and Disney characters.

Tickets for this event are being advertised at $139 apiece for ages “3 and up.” But children under 3 are still allowed to attend – in fact, they get to enter the park for free.

Imagine little children running around Disneyland taking pictures with their favorite characters with “pride-themed” backdrops!

Disney’s obsession with promoting LGBT propaganda is so intense, they don’t even hide it anymore.

While this event takes place at Disneyland in California, the “pride” event was announced just hours after Governor DeSantis cracked down on Disney World and stripped them of their special status.

Disney World used to enjoy special exemptions – but thanks to Governor DeSantis – not anymore.

National Review reported:

“In February, DeSantis signed a bill enabling the state of Florida to reassert control of Disney World’s special district. “Look at your watch and you’ll know at what time the corporate kingdom finally came to an end,” the governor said at a signing ceremony.

Of course in California, Governor Newsom embraces all things LGBT – and welcomes Disneyland’s radical LGBT event.

Meanwhile, the battle between DeSantis and Disney continues with DeSantis threatening to build a state prison next to Disney World and Disney taking stabs back by announcing the Disneyland “pride” event just hours later.

Business Insider reported:

“This latest event was first announced by Disneyland on its blog last Thursday, but Disney’s decision to publicize it on the company’s official Twitter account came just hours after DeSantis made a threat about building a prison near the Florida amusement park during a press conference on Monday.

Speaking to reporters in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, DeSantis discussed how the land surrounding Disney’s Florida amusement park, which is not owned by the company, could be developed in the future.”

The governor, smiling, said that “another state prison” could be a good use of the land.”

But regardless of the timing – Disney knows hosting events like “pride after dark” is damaging to kids.

Children are innocent and impressionable – and all this does is confuse them.

And LGBT activists love that they can use Disneyland to promote their warped agenda.

So sadly – as if you needed yet another reason to boycott all things Disney – this latest publicity stunt is another reminder at just how far Disney has fallen.

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