Disney Pays College Students To Create Films Promoting Abortion

Photo by San Diego City College on Flickr.com


Disney is obsessed with pushing through a radical agenda, and now they have included promoting abortion.

In a recent move – Disney sought to award college students with a grant for a film – but there’s just one catch.

In order to qualify, students have to make a film promoting abortion, and just wait until you hear the horrific details.

Encouraging college kids to make a creative film is a good thing – except Disney has strings attached.

Disney has recently partnered with NBCUniversal and Google to fund a grant helping students make a film – but it has to promote abortion.

Of course, the grant is through the University of Southern California (USC) – a state that is arguably the most extreme pro-abort state in all of America.

USC’s $25,000 grant program is available to those who make pro-abort films and is being labeled as the “Reproductive Rights Accelerator Program.”

This program is through the school’s Annenberg Inclusion Initiative – which hopes that in creating pro-abortion films more students will choose death, instead of life.

Townhall reported:

“With the curtailing of reproductive rights, it is not only necessary to find legal solutions to protect marginalized communities, but it is essential to educate and inform audiences about these topics… entertainment has a unique ability to reach viewers and provide that education.

Our goal is to illuminate how many opportunities there are to use storytelling as a tool to expand the conversation and create substantial attitude and policy change,” Stacy Smith, founder of the Annenberg Inclusion Initiative, said in a press release.”

Pro-aborts know the power films have to reach the masses with a certain message.

After the pro-life hit, Unplanned, resulted in many abortion workers to quit and pregnant women to choose life, abortion activists have been writing their own scripts encouraging abortions.

From the tv show weaving in a plot of aborting a baby with Down syndrome, to movies encouraging teens to abort their babies, it’s clear abortion activists use “entertainment” to push their sick agenda.

California’s governor is even offering tax incentives if filmmakers choose to film their movies in his state instead of a pro-life state.

While it’s expected the radical left will promote abortion on the big screen, it’s another thing to encourage college kids to spread the message of death – and pay them for it.

Disney represents one of the biggest threats to the traditional family unit we’ve seen in a long time.

From their obsession with targeting kids with the LGBT agenda in their programing, to paying for “gender transitions” for their employees and their children, to their latest move encouraging college students to spread the message of abortion – it’s clear Disney is anti-conservative families.

There are already so many reasons to boycott all things Disney – but their latest ploy should convince you for good to not give one more cent of your hard-earned money to this company – in any capacity.

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