California’s Pro-Abort Governor Offers Tax Breaks For Film Producers To Lure Them Away From Red States

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California is one of the most pro-abort states in the entire nation.

But it’s not enough for them to promote their wicked policies – like letting children get abortions behind their parent’s backs.

Now, they’re determined to make pro-life states suffer – and wait till you hear what they’re up to now.

Governor Newsom cannot stand it that red states are passing life-saving laws to protect unborn babies.

Instead of focusing on his own state – he’s attempting to make red states “pay” for being pro-life – so he’s offered a challenge.

Hoping to lure filmmakers to his state – he’s promising tax breaks and all kinds of perks.

And if you think the tax breaks are just a coincidence – guess again – as Newsom actually took a shot at conservative states – hoping his latest tax incentive will cause filmmakers to ignore pro-life states for good.

In his typical obnoxious form – Governor Newsom tweeted:

“Today, Hollywood will wake up to this ad.

Time to choose.

You can protect your workers, or continue to support anti-abortion states that rule with hatred.

We’re here for you. We’re extending tax credits for those that come home to the Golden State.

Choose freedom.

Choose CA.”

Rule with hatred?!

Give me a break.

Conservative states that are choosing to protect unborn babies are the furthest thing from hateful.

The truth is, allowing a minor to get an abortion and teaching her to hide it from her parents – that’s hateful.

Creating a “sanctuary state” to encourage underage teens to flee under the “protection” of the State – that’s hateful.

But in his arrogance, Governor Newsom assumes the rest of the nation adopts his radical pro-abort and LGBT beliefs.

The Post Millennial reported:

“Newsom told the outlet, ”As other states roll back people’s rights, California will continue to protect fundamental freedoms for all and welcome businesses that stand up for their employees. ‘Extending this program will help ensure California’s world-renowned entertainment industry continues to drive economic growth with good jobs and a diverse, inclusive workforce.”

Of course- when Governor Newsom talks about protecting rights for all – he clearly doesn’t mean unborn babies.

He’s perfectly fine to have abortionists yank innocent babies from their mother’s womb – and to push abortions every chance he gets.

If anything – the REAL hero states are the ones standing up for the most vulnerable.

But as the film industry is predominately liberal – they’ll likely jump at Newsom’s offer to save money through his tax breaks and incentives.

This latest publicity stunt is doing what Newsom is known for – drawing attention to himself and hoping to score points with LGBT activists.

And while Newsom may think he’s won – I bet conservative states never counted on liberals in the film industry to survive in the first place. 

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