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Don’t Get Behind A Desk Yet! Homeschooling Outside Is Much More Fun

  Batten down the hatches, lock the doors, and shut the blinds because school is starting, and you don’t need the distractions.  While the traditional approach to education is having selected information effectively programmed into our children, there is a better way. Taking education to the great outdoors will help […]

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5 Hacks That Every Parent Needs To Make Life Easier

  Being a parent isn’t easy – between the lack of sleep and constant chaos, you wonder if anyone is really cut out for the job.  But as the world turns, we raise our kids, in awe of the strength we’re given to survive the most unpredictable and beautiful moments […]

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Cancer Risks And Birth Control Pills – Is There A Connection?

  As the abortion debate continues to rage, many liberals have suddenly declared a dedicated interest in “women’s health”.  And while the liberal media pushes women to “get on the pill” to enjoy a “sexually liberating lifestyle” – even conservative doctors are pushing women to take birth control pills to […]

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Stop Comparing Your Kids “Milestones” To Every Other Child 

  As moms, we all want our child to succeed and progress in their development – but sometimes well-meaning people place an undue amount of pressure onto our children.  Whether your child is “delayed” in walking (by some arbitrary standards) or hasn’t uttered more than a few words (when a […]

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6 New Year’s Resolutions That Have Nothing To Do With Losing Weight

  A new year has come upon us, including all the unrealistic resolutions that come with it. It’s common place to have at least one of the goals for the coming year to include your waist line, but that is not the only route to a fulfilling life. These past […]

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4 Ways To Get Back On Track After A Holiday Food Binge

  Perfectly cut meats, casseroles galore, pies you only see once a year, and more sugar cookie variations than you thought imaginable are all the marks of the long-awaited holiday buffet. While there is nothing wrong with getting into the festivities of the holidays, having a try one of everything […]

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If You’re Grieving This Christmas Season – Give Yourself Grace

  The Christmas season is typically a joyous time where families and friends gather together to celebrate the birth of Christ. From Christmas parties and festivities – to your children begging you to take them to see the massive lighted house down the street– or Santa if that is your […]

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CNN Urges You To Cancel Netflix For Anti-Trans Comedy Special But Not For Any Of Its Other Filth

  We should be used to the left’s hypocrisy by now but it continues to be a shocking display of human indecency each time, grabbing your attention and demanding justice. One of the most left-leaning news agencies out there, CNN, loves to highlight progressive agendas being fulfilled but gawks at […]

This Major Company Targets Kids Who Don’t Support “Transgenderism” In Their Peers

This Major Company Targets Kids Who Don’t Support “Transgenderism” In Their Peers

LGBT activists are so obsessed with pushing their agenda – they’ve switched to a new strategy. In addition to using schools and media as breeding grounds to convert innocent children – major companies are using their status and resources to force the LGBT agenda onto kids. Most recently, a major […]

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Unbelievable! Young Mom Has 21 Children And Wants More 

  It is easy for young girls to imagine they have a 100 children as they line up every doll and stuffed animal they have on the bed to prepare for a day of fun. As we get older, the demands of life and responsibilities become a reality, and while […]