This Major Company Targets Kids Who Don’t Support “Transgenderism” In Their Peers

LGBT activists are so obsessed with pushing their agenda – they’ve switched to a new strategy.

In addition to using schools and media as breeding grounds to convert innocent children – major companies are using their status and resources to force the LGBT agenda onto kids.

Most recently, a major company sent a startling message to children – and you won’t believe what they said.

Mars Inc. produces the famous Twix candy bars every child (and adult) loves to sink their teeth into.

Trying to make “transgenderism” seem normal, Twix launched a bizarre ad to make children believe if they think it is weird to see a boy dressed as a girl – something dark and evil would happen to them.

Twix ran the ad during Halloween, taking advantage of the spooky season and hoping it would literally scare kids enough to even dare think about speaking out against LGBT activists.

The creepy ad shows a boy dressed in a purple dress playing by himself, when suddenly his new “nanny” shows up… who also happened to be a witch.

Both the boy and his nanny head off to the park – where children start making fun of him for wearing a dress.

The children can be seen as calling the boy “weird” for sporting his purple dress… and are heard saying things like “boys don’t wear dresses.”

His nanny then proceeds to use her evil witch powers to make the boy who questioned the child “disappear.”

Walt Heyer, a man who tried to transition to a woman and lived like that for 8 years, before he regretted his decision and transferred back describes the evil behind this ad – and what it really means.

LifeSite News reported:

“What Twix and the creative team behind the ad are revealing is, “if you read between the lines, that transgenderism is witchcraft. This is indoctrination [aimed at] separating children from God.  This is how you divide children from God and bring them into the LGBT world, which is a form of witchcraft ideology.”

“The nanny-witch in the commercial is saying, ‘Come with me, you don’t need God,’” Heyer emphasized.

“Corporations produce ads like this for one reason: They are fearful of LGBT forces. They know that if they don’t march in lockstep with LGBT ideology, they will be canceled,” Heyer said, “so instead, Twix has chosen to ‘cancel’ God.”

More and more mainstream companies are hoping to make “transgenderism” in kids seem normal and acceptable.

Essentially, children who don’t believe in the LGBT agenda are being deemed as “weird” and “abnormal” …

… instead of the other way around.

Of course, major companies know the vulnerability of children and their desire to fit in – so they hope that by ostracizing children from their peers who dare to speak against the LGBT agenda they will gain success and indoctrinate them for life.

Children who know that there are only two genders – male and female – will suddenly feel as something is wrong with them for not “understanding” more genders exist.

LGBT activists used to hide the fact they were targeting children – but now they don’t even care and are doing it in the open.

As if you needed another reason to monitor what children watch – this latest commercial proves even a seemingly harmless ad for a candy bar has turned political.

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