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Dems Insist Killing Babies Is “Essential” Even During A Pandemic

  As the world shuts down non-essential businesses, including elective surgeries, Planned Parenthood and pro-aborts are trying to push abortions now more than ever. From persuading women to take an abortion pill if they don’t feel it’s safe to leave their house, to fighting back against states who have tried […]
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Use Your Family Crisis To Teach Your Children Resilience

  With over 10 million Americans applying for unemployment, it’s clear our country is going through a rough patch. Whether your home is experiencing economic hardship, or simply grieving the loss of a school year or extracurricular activities, chances are your children are facing tough times. Even worse, they’re feeling […]
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Some Scientists Are Using a National Crisis to Further Their Agenda – But Colleagues Are Fighting Back

  By now, the ripple effects of the coronavirus pandemic have touched every person in our nation – and throughout the world. It’s a crisis of historic proportions, and we know the progressive Left never lets a good crisis go to waste. So they’re using fear and panic to try […]
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5 Spring Activities To Make The Most Of The Great Outdoors

  Springtime is finally here, and although our nation is welcoming the lively season under dire circumstances, it is nevertheless a time to appreciate the joys of getting outside. Sure, you can peddle around or watch the clouds, but there is so much more we can do with our children […]
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Love Is In The Air–Creative Brides Get Married During The Coronavirus In The Most Unique Ways

  Think back to your wedding day, a magical time to celebrate love before God and a stream of witnesses comprised of your family and friends. But thanks to the coronavirus, brides everywhere are scrambling to make tough decisions  and forced to either cancel the wedding, postpone it, or move […]
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Suddenly Thrust Into Homeschooling and Feel Lost?  We’ve Got Some Tips to Ease the Transition

  Families all over the country are finding themselves impacted in ways they never imagined by the coronavirus pandemic. In addition to keeping everyone safe, healthy, and sane while being more isolated than ever, some parents are finding themselves filling a different kind of role – that of teacher. For […]
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Creative Ways People Are Using Social Distancing To Stay Connected

  With the coronavirus sweeping the world, experts are recommending people practice social distancing and avoid gathering in groups larger than 10. And as a result, everyone is feeling the effect – from school cancelations to postponed weddings. But keeping with the true spirit of human creativity, many people refuse […]
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As Indoctrination Is Forced Upon Our Children, Students In One School Are Fighting Back

  There is no greater threat from the progressive agenda than the one being imposed upon our children in public schools. School boards and administrators are so frightened of standing their ground against a minority of Americans, that they’ve chosen to force our children to adopt anti-Family values as truths. […]
Woman’s Passion for Helping Children Proves That One Person Can Make a Difference

Woman’s Passion for Helping Children Proves That One Person Can Make a Difference

  The world can be a frightening place in which to raise children these days. We’re surrounded by scary headlines in the news and stories on social media, and it sometimes leads us to wonder what has happened to human decency. But one woman is making national headlines for being […]
How To Have Precious Moments With Our Kids On Tough Days

How To Have Precious Moments With Our Kids On Tough Days

Getting ready to leave for a day trip with kids can be one of the most stressful experiences of a mom’s life. Why? Because kids love to do anything and everything but get ready and walk out the door. However, when your son decides to performs science experiments on the […]