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Sixth-Grade Field Trip Ends With Students Pole Dancing In An Alcohol-Stacked Club 

  A group of sixth-grade students embarked on a field trip adventure to the Detroit Symphony Orchestra – and stopped for lunch after. But what seemed like the start to an innocent and educational event horrified parents once they saw posted photos of their precious children… dancing on poles. So […]

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Crocs And Teletubbies Participate In “DragCon” Event To Target Children

  RuPaul’s ‘DragCon’ event in the UK is exactly what you’d expect – an entire conference dedicated to “drag queens” and all things LGBT. But this raunchy event isn’t created just for adults – in fact it’s actually marketed towards children with a host of activities tailored specifically for them! […]

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Dems Pushed For Higher Minimum Wage And Now Robots Have The Jobs

  The liberal answer to everything is to throw money at it and trust individuals and corporations that continually mismanage their businesses will miraculously change for the better this time. You may be surprised to know that this system has continued to fail for as long as society has been […]

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Lawyer Warns Of Dangers Of Using Self-Checkout

  Many modern marvels have improved our lives and made things in our daily lives easier than ever. However, sometimes technology goes too far (hello, privacy) and creates more problems than it solves. The self-checkout lane may seem like the answer when you don’t want to wait in long lines […]

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Texas Judge Protects Teens With Pro-Family Ruling

  Society likes to tell our youth that they don’t need their parents to make informed, educated decisions. The fact is, adolescents were given parents for a reason, to help their still developing minds navigate the throes of life. While liberals are tirelessly working to widen the chasm between teens […]

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Fisher Price Markets New “RuPaul” Little People Toys To Children

Photo by José Luis Ruiz on   Those of us who grew up playing with Little People remember the days of typical characters like policemen or doctors. But now – Fisher Price has introduced a “special edition” figure set… featuring none other than three RuPaul characters. And once you […]

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California Helps Child Sexual Predators Go Free

  While states around the country continue to work to lock up child sexual predators – California is working to set them free. A frightening investigation reveals THOUSANDS of sexual predators in California are spending less than a year in jail… before they are set free. And once you learn […]

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Libraries Deny Kirk Cameron’s Story Hour While Allowing Sexual Predators To Read To Kids

  It’s no secret public libraries are pawns for LGBT activists – but their bias against Christian conservatives has reached an all-time high. While “drag queens” are ushered through the doors to read stories to children… Christians like Kirk Cameron are shunned. And once you hear why libraries don’t want […]

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New Technology May Have A Major Impact On The Education System

  Screens and digital technology have infiltrated every aspect of daily life from our jobs to our children’s schooling. There is no subject we can’t tackle without the help of the mighty search engine, and our kids know that. Advanced systems software has opened up a world of opportunity and […]

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Investigation Reveals School Officials Transgender Policies To Blame For Teen Sexual Assault

  A teen girl was sexually assaulted at school in the girls’ restroom by a biological male wearing a skirt who entered the girls’ bathroom. School officials moved the boy to a new school… where he sexually assaulted another girl. And now a shocking investigation reveals the school was to […]