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The History Of Valentine’s Day – From The Saint To Candy Hearts

  Red and pink cover the aisles at every local store in preparation for one of the biggest days of the year for retailers. That’s right, it’s time to take your little Romeo shopping for those heart shaped chocolates to give his Valentine crush. But how exactly have we come […]

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Moms – Make Sure Your Teen Daughters Aren’t Partaking In This Dangerous TikTok Challenge

  The latest TikTok challenge is all the rage – but many women don’t know how dangerous it actually is. The challenge instructs women to take racy photos of themselves and use a red filter background to create a “silhouette” look in a dimly lit doorway, promising to create an […]

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Biden Proves His Loyalty To LGBT Activists By Choosing A “Transgender” To Lead Healthcare Policy

  It’s true what they say – personnel is policy – and with Biden’s latest pick to serve as Assistant Health Secretary – it’s clear what his priorities are. Of all the people to select for this high role – Biden selected a man who “identifies” as a “transgender woman.” […]

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Liberals Only Acknowledge The Value Of Police When It Favors Their Agenda

  The hypocrisy of the left is far reaching and never ceases to amaze any logical individual. Violence against those who dedicate their lives to protecting us is contradictory to creating a more peaceful society – but that is not what the vindicating, anti-American liberals who condone such actions perpetuate. […]

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Insane Liberals Seek “Gender Inclusive” Terms To Replace Amen During Prayer

  The “politically correct” left is at it again – and this time they’ve brought the word police to the halls of Congress. During a typical Congressional prayer – one Congressman went rogue and ended prayer in the most bizarre way ever. In fact, you won’t even believe the way […]

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After More Than 3,739 Days In Foster Care – This Teen Finally Has A Home

  There’s nothing worse than feeling unwanted and rejected – especially without a family to call your own. 17-year old Akyra knows this all too well as she spent more than 10-years in the foster system being tossed from place to place. Just when she had given up all hope […]

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Beloved Daughter Dies From A Disease Only Thought To Strike The Elderly

  As a society there are certain negative medical stereotypes that we have unknowingly held on to. Only dirty children get lice, only young people get chicken pox, and only older individuals get Alzheimer’s Disease are such stereotypes. Some norms are meant to be challenged, but in the case of […]

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Are Our Nation’s Schools Giving Kids the Wrong Tools For Developing Healthy Habits?

  With the rise in virtual learning over the course of this year, many parents are getting a better idea of what their children are learning in school. While balancing this new form of education has been difficult for many of us, it does provide us an opportunity to better […]

School Forces 3rd Grader To Remove Her “Offensive” Jesus Loves Me Face Mask

School Forces 3rd Grader To Remove Her “Offensive” Jesus Loves Me Face Mask

  In the new era of mask mandates and restrictions, yet again, children are caught in the middle of it all. Some schools aren’t even meeting in person and have resorted to 100 percent virtual learning while others are meeting but with massive restrictions. And when one little 3rd grade […]

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The Slippery Slope Continues: Nation’s First “Transgender” State Senator Gets Elected

  The 2020 election will certainly go down in history – although the full ending has not yet been written. From voter fraud charges being filed in courts throughout the country to election machine nightmares – Biden may have “won” – but pending legal action we’ll see how things play […]