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It’s A Different Kind of School Year – But There Can Be Joy in the Challenges

There certainly have been challenges this year, for all of us. But one of the most difficult for parents has been adjusting routines and schedules now that kids have been home from school since early spring. These challenges have been different for each family – and for some, the stress […]

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Ginsburg Has Passed – And Hopefully An Era Of Death And Defeat With Her

  The “Notorious RBG”- Supreme Court Justice turned celebrity- has lost her uphill battle with cancer. Ruth Bader Ginsburg worked hard to pave her own way into a honorable position, but has left the nation with next to no worthy causes. It’s a shame her efforts to change the world […]

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Hypocrite: Nancy Pelosi Forces Salon Open With No Mask To Get A Haircut

  We are used to the hypocrisy of the left – like claiming support of women and then killing millions of them in the womb. But this time one representative took it too far by showcasing her true colors. Now how is the nation going to respond to a liberal […]

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What Were They Thinking? Family-Friendly Event Exposes Kids to Something Unbelievable

  Today’s parents are well-aware that there are all sorts of inappropriate behaviors, images, and messages out there in the world from which we need to shield our young children. Most of the time, these dangers come from online sources like social media, television programming, or film content – platforms […]

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Parents Can Help Kids Avoid This Complication of Distance Learning

  In recent years, parents have had to remain vigilant over the amount of time children spend in front of screens. But with technology rapidly evolving and even young children spending increased time in front of tablets, computers, and smart phones, we’re all spending more time staring at screens than […]

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New York Gives Liberal Celebrities A Free Pass From Strict Mandates

  It has been painfully obvious that New York is a biased state, raising up liberal propaganda while attempting to crush any morsel of conservatism. The Empire State is at the forefront of eliminating individual freedoms during the pandemic, but like with most liberal policies, they only want to enforce […]

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Disgusting: Planned Parenthood Chooses Human Traffickers Over Young Girls Yet Again

  It’s no secret Planned Parenthood has a disdain for human life – but there’s one secret they’re trying to keep from the masses. You see, Planned Parenthood raises money and gains supporters by pretending to be “pro women” – but nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, […]

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Ambitious Young Democrat Is Hoping His Dirty Past Is Ignored

  Liberals have praised child predators, immorality, and the death of unborn children. So, it should not be surprising that they are now lifting a young man who has repeatedly committed reprehensible acts. And furthermore, they want you to vote for him! The Hill reports: “A 19-year-old candidate who has […]

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This Unbelievable Order Shows Just How Afraid States Are of Losing Control Over Our Children

  The last few weeks of summer have not been reminiscent of those in the past – the last carefree days before returning the kids to school with reliable routines and expectations. No, this year, because of the continued impact of the coronavirus pandemic, many parents have had no idea […]

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Virginia Pregnant Woman Gets COVID-19 Despite Extreme Precautions

  The novel coronavirus pandemic has caused many Americans to bar their windows, lock their doors, and shut themselves away from the world. Media giants have led the masses to believe that doing this will make you part of the elite race of survivors after the virus has taken out […]