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Profit Over Patient Care – Human Rights Violations Uncovered During the U.K.’s Coronavirus Response

  During this global health crisis, we’ve all certainly learned a lot about how “healthy” our healthcare systems around the world may – or may not – be as they respond to this crisis. While early media scare-tactics in the U.S. focused on hospitals being overrun with coronavirus cases to […]
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Pro-Lifers Call Out Protesters For Missing the Real Threat to Black Lives

  There’s no question 2020 has been a tumultuous year between a global pandemic and social unrest that has led to protests, rioting, and violence. Not since the beginnings of the Civil Rights Movement have we experienced such racial tensions, as African-Americans fight to have their voices heard. But one […]
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Ridiculous: ‘Paw Patrol’ Attacked For Pro-Police Message

  Just about everyone in the nation has seen the non-stop media coverage of the protests over the death of George Floyd. The attention has spurred society to take an in-depth look into even the most mundane of things to see if there is injustice within. And the hunt has […]
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Leftist Educator Disses Homeschooling Moms And Claims They Are Inadequate To Teach Kids

  Given the current environment in schools, more and more moms are choosing to homeschool their children, and rightfully so. From leftist teachers who brainwash children to embrace the LGBT lifestyle to ridiculous CDC guidelines which have now turned schools into prisons, concerned moms don’t want their children anywhere near […]
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Mom Stands Up For Freedom At Local Park And Pays A High Price

  People from all walks of life have been feeling the effects of the shut-downs due to the coronavirus. But mothers face specific challenges no other group will deal with like explaining to your children why the news is telling Americans if they go to the grocery store they may […]
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Lessons Learned and Bonds Strengthened As Families Stick Closer to Home

  So far, 2020 has brought us all more challenges than we could have imagined last year. And whether by choice or due to state-mandated lockdowns, we’ve all been spending a lot more time home recently. The good news is, there are a lot of benefits to spending more time […]
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Michigan Barber Attacked For Trying To Keep His Doors Open

  Business owners are struggling to keep their head above water during strict lockdown policies implemented by states across the nation. With capitalism being the driving force of our economic survival it makes one wonder where America will stand after this structure was laid to rest for months on end. […]
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Looking to Preserve Your Child’s Earliest Memories?  There May Be a Scientific Approach

  When you think back to your childhood, can you bring up your first memory? Chances are, nothing comes to mind from a time before you were two or three, and then only a fragment of memory may be there. For most of us, memories are not cemented until we […]
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Americans Who Live Debt-Free Practice These Savvy Financial Habits

  From compounding student loans to hefty car payments, to maxed out credit card debts and delinquent tax bills, many Americans struggle with debt. But then there are those Americans who are living debt-free – and even have their mortgage paid off. What’s their secret? It might be simpler than […]
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The New Norm of Distance Learning Must Be a Family Affair to Ensure Success

  By now, you’ve spent the last few months trying to navigate educating your child at home. Most school systems have closed for the remainder of this school year, and many have not yet finalized dates for reopening. Veteran homeschoolers know that there are ups and downs, but there are […]