11-Year-Old Boy Exposes the Grotesque Books Being Pushed In His School Library By Pro-LGBT Librarians

Photo by Allan Lorde on Flickr.com


Parents around the country are flooding school board meetings to protest the LGBT madness being peddled in schools.

But a new trend is happening – students are joining in to speak out.

And once you hear the story of this 11-year-old boy’s plea to his school district to stop exposing him to smut and LGBT sexual propaganda – you’re bound to be heartbroken.

To start – a child shouldn’t have to beg their own school to stop harming them!

But school officials have gotten so radical – actual students are showing up to school board meetings hoping, if they show their face and plead on behalf of fellow their students, they’ll be taken seriously.

Who could forget the young girl who sounded the alarm with “transgender” bathrooms claiming how other students didn’t feel safe?

Or the students who staged a walkout?

And now yet again, after sexually explicit LGBT material was being pushed in his library, an 11-year-old boy stood up to the LGBT bullies and asked the books to be removed from his school library.

LifeSite News reported:

“After explaining that he was only 11 years old and in sixth grade, Knox Zajac of Windham Middle School proceeded to read (warning: disturbing video and material) to those in attendance a graphic and profane scene from Alice Osman’s Nick and Charlie – a scene that describes in visual detail two 14-year-old boys participating in homosexual acts with each other.

“When I rented it out to show my dad it, the librarian asked if I wanted more and if I wanted a graphic novel version,” he stated.

Knox’s father, Adam Zajac, took the stand following his son’s testimony to express his outrage at the presence of such “smut” in a children’s library.”

We’ll spare you the details of the passage in question – but rest assured it is disgusting and highly inappropriate for such books to be available to children in their school library.

Knox then begged those in attendance to listen to the parents.

And this is coming from a child!

It is so heartbreaking children feel they have no other choice but to show up to meetings and beg those entrusted to care for them not to harm them.

Teachers or librarians who push graphic sexual material onto children should be fired, and punished.

The innocence of our children continues to be stolen from adults in the school district.

Parents need to hold the line and continue fighting for their children – as truly families (and some politicians) are the only earthly chance we have at putting a stop to the LGBT madness.

Let’s hope a day comes when our schools are actually safe for students again – but if that day never comes – make sure you know what’s going on in your child’s school – and don’t assume they are safe.

We’ve learned the public school system is one of the most dangerous places for a child to be.

It’s no wonder so many moms are homeschooling their children!

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