Students Stage Walkout In Protest Of Sexual Assaults Taking Place In Their District

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Students in Loudoun County were outraged once they found out school officials covered up several sexual assaults in their schools.

In fact, they were so angry and fed up of sexual assaults taking place in their school district – they staged a walkout.

Taking a bold stand, these students sent a loud and clear message to the school board – and just wait until you hear the details.

Loudoun County, Virginia has been front and center of the culture war nationwide.

Located just outside of Washington, D.C., liberals infiltrated Loudoun’s school systems to push a radical curriculum.

From teaching critical race theory to pushing a pro-LGBT agenda – leftist educators have gone completely rouge.

Some teachers even quit once they learned they’d be forced to refer to children by their “preferred pronouns” – completely ignoring their biological gender.

And with the school district claiming students could use whatever bathroom they preferred based on their “gender identity” – parents had enough.

During various school board meetings – hordes of parents showed up and sounded the alarm – holding elected school board members accountable and letting other parents know what was really going on.

But the school board wouldn’t have it – and shut down all debate.

One dad was even arrested and portrayed as “crazy” in the media…

… yet it turned out his own daughter was sexually assaulted in the girl’s bathroom at school by a boy wearing a skirt.

OF COURSE he was outraged!

Especially when the Loudoun County superintendent claimed no knowledge of any sexual assaults on school grounds.

Although parents raised genuine concerns at the meetings – they were ignored – even called “domestic terrorists” by some.

And it wasn’t just parents speaking out.

A young student was bold enough to address the school board – begging the adults to stop with the “transgender” agenda – as students feared for their physical safety.

But Loudoun County school board members still refused to listen.

Frustrated students wanted to do something – to stand in solidarity with their peers who were sexually assaulted – so they staged a walkout.

The walkout only lasted 10 minutes – but it’s a start.

Fox 5 DC reported:

“One father heard about what was going on and walked over to the school to check it out: “I do have a daughter who attends this high school and quite frankly, I wish it was longer than 10 minutes. I don’t think it’s enough of a position or stance 10 minutes, but I applaud the kids for doing what they’re doing… standing against rape or sexual assault.”

He added, “Parents can encourage it, but ultimately it’s the kids if they want to decide to walk out, they can.”

Both parents and students have had enough.

What will it take for school boards to get it?

Sadly, at the current pace, assaults are likely to continue unless school board members wake up and reverse their harmful “transgender” policies.

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