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Courageous Student Stands Up To Censorship After School Demands He Remove “Two Genders” Shirt

  Liberals have infiltrated every aspect of public schooling in this country. They are polluting the minds of children as young as five with LGBT propaganda and punishing anyone who tries to stop them. But one courageous seventh grader not only knows the truth but is not afraid to stand […]

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School Fired Christian Teacher And Mama For Opposing This LGBT Book – But She Got The Final Victory

  School officials think they have the power to silence everyone who disagrees with them. So when one Christian teacher and conservative mama spoke out against a “transgender” book being pushed to children – she was canned. But she fought back with a vengeance – and now she has her […]

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Biden Sends Pakistan $500,000 Of U.S. Taxpayer Money To Help “Transgender Youth”

  President Biden is utterly obsessed with ramming through his “transgender” agenda – and he wants to use your hard-earned money to foot the bill. It’s not enough Biden is expanding the LGBT movement in America. He’s determined to make the U.S. the “leader” in LGBT rights – and his […]

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Mom Dies From Birthing Complications Leaving Dad To Raise Quadruplets Alone

  Every family’s nightmare just came true. A loving mother gave birth to four healthy quadruplets – but before she could even get to name all of her babies – she died from “birthing complications”. And now her husband is left to raise these quadruplets alone, and their heartbreaking story […]

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Disneyland Gearing Up To Host A “Pride After Dark” Event This Summer

  Not missing a beat in promoting their LGBT agenda – Disney is at it again, and you won’t believe what they’ve done this time. Continuing with their assault on traditional family values, Disneyland in California has just released the details for an event set to debut this June, and […]

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Biden’s New Plan Forces Schools To Allow Biological Males To Compete Against Females In Sporting Events

  President Biden is literally obsessed with allowing biological males to compete on female sports teams. He couldn’t care less that biological men are crushing girls – even causing them to lose their scholarships – all he cares about his promoting his pro-LGBT agenda. And now if he gets his […]

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Madonna Hosts Benefit Concert In Nashville And You Won’t Believe Who Gets The Funds

  As the world continues to mourn the victims of the Nashville school shooting – Madonna decided to make a visit and add Nashville to her concert tour. She even stated she would donate a portion of the concert proceeds. But instead of gifting the money to the families of […]

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Politician Claims Banning “Transgender” Surgeries for Kids Is “Genocide” And Will Erase “Trans Babies”

  As President Biden and his leftist pals work to force through their LGBT agenda – their statements are more radical than ever. At the state level, conservative heroes like Governor Ron DeSantis are working to slow down the LGBT madness… … leading one female politician to utter the most […]

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“Drag Queens” Storm Kirk Cameron’s Library Story Hour

  When Kirk Cameron got approved to read his Christian book to children at libraries across the country – pro-LGBT activists lost their minds. Up until Cameron entered the scene, “drag queen” story hours dominated libraries with LGBT activists having full access to children to promote their sick agenda. But […]

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Christian Girls’ Basketball Team Banned After Refusing to Play with Transgender Competitors

  Making it to the playoffs is the highlight for many young high school athletes. They have spent countless hours practicing and building relationships with teammates and deserve to have their hard work rewarded. But one Christian school had the door to competing slammed in their face, and you won’t […]