Biden’s New Plan Forces Schools To Allow Biological Males To Compete Against Females In Sporting Events

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President Biden is literally obsessed with allowing biological males to compete on female sports teams.

He couldn’t care less that biological men are crushing girls – even causing them to lose their scholarships – all he cares about his promoting his pro-LGBT agenda.

And now if he gets his ways – schools will be forced to accept “transgender” athletes – and here are the insane details.

In recent days, Biden has gone on the record making multiple statements about his administration’s commitment to protect “trans kids”.

And a new rule change is being proposed which would block schools from being able to say a biological male cannot compete on the girls’ team.

The New York Times reported:

“The Biden administration proposed a rule change on Thursday that would allow schools to block some transgender athletes from competing on sports teams that match their gender identities. But the proposal would also prevent schools from enacting across-the-board bans.

Under the Department of Education proposal, “categorically” barring transgender athletes in that way would be a violation of Title IX, which prohibits sex discrimination at educational institutions that receive federal funding.”


It is not “discrimination” to tell a biological male he can’t play against girls and to join his own team.

But if this goes through – schools who accept federal funding will be held hostage.

The Biden administration continues to accept gender dysphoria as if it is something natural – and we haven’t even begun to see the consequences of what this will do to future generations.

Not to mention, biological females continue to suffer at the policies flooding out of Washington D.C.

Liberals claim to be “pro woman” …

… but having men compete against women isn’t a level playing field.

And of course, having grown males change in a locker room next to a female isn’t only a safety concern, but it’s traumatic for many females.

Thankfully, there are still courageous politicians like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis who are determined to stand up to the LGBT agenda from harming out kids.

And while “transgender” athletes cheered – conservatives fired back and said they wouldn’t let it happen on their watch.

The New York Times continued:

“Good luck — this won’t fly in Florida,” Manny Diaz Jr., Florida’s education commissioner, said in a statement. “We will never allow boys to play in girls’ sports. We will fight this overreach tooth and nail. And we will stop at nothing to uphold the protections afforded women under Title IX.”

Thank you, Florida!

But unless more states stand up to Biden it won’t be enough.

The Biden administration is one of the most radical administrations we have ever seen with openly “transgender” appointees calling the shots.

And now more than ever our children need adults who will stand up and fight for them and not accept the latest mandate Biden tries to ram through.

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