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Biden Sends Pakistan $500,000 Of U.S. Taxpayer Money To Help “Transgender Youth”

  President Biden is utterly obsessed with ramming through his “transgender” agenda – and he wants to use your hard-earned money to foot the bill. It’s not enough Biden is expanding the LGBT movement in America. He’s determined to make the U.S. the “leader” in LGBT rights – and his […]

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Biden’s New Plan Forces Schools To Allow Biological Males To Compete Against Females In Sporting Events

  President Biden is literally obsessed with allowing biological males to compete on female sports teams. He couldn’t care less that biological men are crushing girls – even causing them to lose their scholarships – all he cares about his promoting his pro-LGBT agenda. And now if he gets his […]

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Biden Supports Socialist Country’s Oil Production But Not Our Own

  Inflation is on the rise and it’s impacting every aspect of our daily life – from the food we eat to the all the playdates we can’t attend because of gas prices. The left says the answer is to take more money from American citizens so the government can […]

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Conservative Mamas Prove They Have The Power To Stop LGBT Brainwashing In Schools 

  Over the past decade, we have seen LGBT activists continue to ram through their agenda and infiltrate every area of life. In public schools, rogue school districts have done everything from teach children they can “change genders” to forcing schools to have “transgender” bathrooms. And while school officials often […]

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Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos Says Stop Buying So Much Stuff And Prepare For The Worst

  It is no secret the financial state of the US is in turmoil thanks to Biden and his administration. The direct impact on the consumer is obvious every time we go to the grocery store and see that a loaf of bread has gone up in price. As concerned […]

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Biden Sends U.S. Taxpayer Dollars To Fund International “Drag Queen” Performances

  “Drag Queen” shows are all the rage here in America – and children can’t seem to go anywhere without being exposed to grown men dressed as women. But the left is so obsessed with pushing their pro-LGBT agenda – they’ve even resorted to helping bring “drag queen” shows all […]

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Janet Yellen Claims Abortions “Boost The Economy”

  Liberals are so desperate to promote abortion they are shouting every outrageous statement they can think of to justify the slaughter of unborn lives – seeing if something will stick. In their latest attempt to convince women to kill their babies – they are now claiming abortion is “good […]

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Biden Claims His Pro-Abort Administration “Won’t Stand” For State’s Pro-Life Bills

  As conservative states continue to pass pro-life legislation and saving the lives of countless babies – pro-aborts are in a fury. Desperate, they are running to Biden, begging him to do something to stop these life-saving bills. And once you hear the latest threat Biden just leveled at pro-lifers […]

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Here’s Why Biden’s New Supreme Court Pick Should Terrify Pro-Lifers

  All eyes are on America as the battle for life rages on in the public square. And with Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer announcing his retirement – liberals are eager to replace him with a staunch liberal to fight back against the conservative majority.  In fact, since Joe Biden […]

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Biden’s Latest Tweet Just Took A Massive Jab At Stay-At-Home Moms

  Stay-at-home moms are the bedrock of our nation – and although much of their work may be “unseen” – their influence is priceless. But according to Biden – stay-at-home moms should “get back to work” instead of staying home to raise their children. Wanting to let all moms know […]