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8th Grade Boys Accused Of Sexual Harassment For Not Referring To Peer As “They/Them”

Schools have become one of the most dangerous places in all of America for a child. “Transgender” bathrooms and locker rooms have led to sexual assault – and many teens suffer from gender dysphoria – encouraged by adults they’ve grown to trust. But in the latest incident – 8th grade […]

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Rhode Island Just Introduced Most Vulgar ‘Alternative’ Sex-Ed Plan Ever

  A horrifying new sex-ed bill was introduced in Rhode Island and you won’t believe the details. From teaching children as young as 6th grade about same-sex relationships, gender identity, and “pleasure-based sexual relations” – parents were horrified at the details of this bill. But instead of listening to parents […]

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Virginia Governor Bans Mask Mandate For Schoolchildren – Leftists Are Hysteric

  Elections have consequences. In Virginia, voters proved they finally had enough when they voted out Virginia’s tyrannical leftist governor and elected a conservative to take his place. And when Virginia’s new Republican Governor instituted an executive order claiming schools could no longer force children to wear masks if their […]

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Outrageous! Christian Preschool Shut Down Over Mask Mandate

  Thanks to the California Department of Social Services, children are no longer able to attend Foothills Christian Church Preschool. The State brutally forced the beloved preschool to close their doors – claiming they violated a “mask mandate.” And once you hear the blatant discrimination and attack on this Christian […]

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This Mother Was Arrested At A School Board Meeting And She’s Fighting Back With A Lawsuit

  Shannon Joy attended a school board meeting – and briefly lowered her mask to pop in a piece of gum. But because she lowered her mask – the school board decided to call 911 and arrest her – claiming she violated their “mask mandate.” And once you hear what […]

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Mom Shares Inspiring Message As She Watched Her Daughter With Down Syndrome Graduate College

  One of the biggest stereotypes facing those with Down syndrome is that somehow, they will suffer from a poor quality of life and never be able to accomplish anything. Of course this is blatantly false, and Rachel High, a 44-year-old with Down syndrome proved critics wrong as she walked […]

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School Places 4-Year-Old Boy In Outdoor Shed Due To COVID-19 Fear And He Got Hypothermia

  4-year-old Mason became sick at school with a runny nose and mild cough – but instead of showing compassion to the child – the school did the unthinkable. They called his mom to pick him up…. because they were “scared” he had COVID-19 – but instead of having him […]

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Virginia Professor Aims At “Destigmatizing Pedophilia”

  The educational system has gone into complete madness trying to appease every non-sensical whim of the liberal mob. Across the nation we are seeing schools adopt transgender bathroom policies, implement sex-ed programs for kindergarten children, and force young college students to write about inappropriate situations. But if you thought […]

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Leftist Teachers Busted Using Covert Tactics To Recruit Kids To Join Pro-LGBT Clubs

  Leftist teachers in California are determined to get kids plugged into LGBT clubs – and they’re pulling out all the stops. From surveilling their Google searches to deliberately hiding club membership rosters from parents – their tactics have hit an all-time low. And once you hear how far the […]

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Teachers Are Calling For An Overhaul Of The “White, Middle-Class” Grading System

  Liberals have been trying to re-define terms and twist societies views on all things traditional. It has gone so far that just being a white, middle-class United States citizen is demonized, being blamed for the source of all things wrong in the world. Just when you thought it couldn’t […]