Rhode Island Just Introduced Most Vulgar ‘Alternative’ Sex-Ed Plan Ever

Photo by Matt Buck on Flickr.com


A horrifying new sex-ed bill was introduced in Rhode Island and you won’t believe the details.

From teaching children as young as 6th grade about same-sex relationships, gender identity, and “pleasure-based sexual relations” – parents were horrified at the details of this bill.

But instead of listening to parents – leftist politicians defended the bill – and you won’t believe their reason.

The over-sexualization of children via “sex-ed” has swept across our nation and infiltrated schools.

In some schools, children have been given sexual surveys and asked to state their sexual history.

While some states have mandated that schools hand out free condoms to middle-schoolers

And who could forget when a school board member gleefully posted pictures of a field trip she took with students…

… which ended up being a trip to a gay bar with kindergartners. 


But this is nothing new – and children all around the country are in danger of over-zealous adults forcing their views onto impressionable minds. 

In Rhode Island, politicians thought revamping its sex-ed curriculum to include pro-LGBT language and other over-sexualized language was somehow a good idea.

State Sen. Tiara Mack (who is a lesbian) and Democrat Rebecca Kislak defended the bill – claiming it teaches kids the “truth” that gender and sexual identity are “fluid.” 

The Providence Journal reported:

“Rebecca Kislak, a Providence Democrat, has already introduced the legislation in the House. She and Mack say the bill teaches students to have autonomy over their bodies, to accept that gender and sexual identity are fluid and nuanced, and to make smart choices if and when they decide to have sex.”

Liberals continue to insist dangerous and blatantly false beliefs such as these be peddled as “truth.”

But teaching lies like these to children could harm them for life.

If a child is taught that their gender can simply change whenever they want – it opens up the door to severe mental health issues like gender dysphoria

Parents were naturally outraged at the proposed legislation and publicly spoke out about the danger of the bill. 

WLNE-TV reported:

“Any child under 18, we should not be talking about sexual pleasure. We shouldn’t be talking about some of these topics that they’re looking to roll into sexual education,” parent Kimberly Quagan said.

“I think it should be basically from a clinical standpoint that’s one thing, and I actually think anything they want to teach regarding this matter, the curriculum should be approved by parents.” 


Legislators and schools are obsessed with alienating parents from major decisions – hoping to keep them in the dark. 

Thankfully, in Rhode Island parents are able to opt their children out of sex-ed by contacting the child’s school principal.

But that’s beside the point.

A school curriculum for children should never be so vulgar that a parent would actually have to opt out their child in the first place.

In the meantime, let’s hope this grotesque “pleasure based” sex-ed curriculum never sees the light of day!

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