Leftist School District Surveys Children Asking Them About Sexual History And “Gender Identity”

Photo by Ben Mullins on Unsplash.com


Just outside of Washington, D.C., Fairfax County (the largest school district in Virginia) had their students take a “voluntary” survey.

And no, they weren’t polling kids to determine what kind of food they wanted for lunch, or what books they wanted in the library.

Instead, the survey asked students to share details on their sexual history and “gender identity” – and you won’t believe what else it asked them.

Students as young 12-years old were asked to report personal information on their “sexual past” to school officials.

The questions were not only invasive, but they were completely inappropriate, especially for minors!

The Christian Post reported:

“Specifically, students are asked if they “ever had sexual intercourse,” how old they were when they “had sexual intercourse for the first time,” how many people they “had sexual intercourse” with in their lives and the past three months and if they used contraception or took drugs or alcohol before engaging in such activity.

The section asking students questions about their sexual behavior concludes with an inquiry about whether or not they had oral sex.”

Schools have no right to poll minors asking them such invasive questions!

Such personal topics and conversations should be had between a child and parent.

But of course, schools are determined to sever the relationship between a parent and child – and they just love to think that somehow, they are destined to replace the role of a parent.

The survey also tried to plant the seed of doubt that a child could actually be a “gender” that is different from the one they were born with – and point-blank asked children if they identified with being “transgender.”

When outraged parents criticized the survey… instead of admitting their grave error… Fairfax County doubled down – and actually said they “needed” this information and it was “necessary” for helping with their “prevention programs.”

Absolutely ridiculous!

The school district finally sent a letter to parents telling them they could “opt their child out” if they so desired, and that their child would have an “alternate assignment”.

The Christian Post continued:

“In an Oct. 15 letter to parents, Superintendent of Schools Scott Brabrand explained that parents have the “right to preview the survey” and “deny permission for your child to participate.”

“If a student is uncomfortable with any question on the survey, the student does not have to answer that question or may elect to discontinue the survey,” Brabrand assured.”

Once again – they are missing the entire point.

A parent should not have to “opt out” their child from participating in a survey about sexual relations…

… the survey should have never been given out in the first place!

But liberals are literally obsessed with oversexualizing children and trying to plant seeds of perversion into their vulnerable minds at a young age.

It’s no wonder parents are yanking their children out of public schools in record numbers.

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