Courageous Student Stands Up To Censorship After School Demands He Remove “Two Genders” Shirt

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Liberals have infiltrated every aspect of public schooling in this country.

They are polluting the minds of children as young as five with LGBT propaganda and punishing anyone who tries to stop them.

But one courageous seventh grader not only knows the truth but is not afraid to stand up for his First Amendment rights!

Liam Morrison, a student at Nichols Middle School in Massachusetts, decided to wear a shirt to school which simply said, “There are only two genders.”

Liam expected to receive questions and comments about his shirt and was prepared to defend his First Amendment rights.

Fox News reports:

“Morrison shared that if a student had confronted him and told him that his shirt offended them, he wouldn’t say much other than ‘They are entitled to their opinions just as I am.’

‘If you have a different view and if they asked why I was wearing it, I’d say because I have a right to have a voice,’ he explained.”

Smart kid!

While at school, Liam was told by a staff member that he would need to change his shirt.

When he refused, the school called his father to pick him up for the day.

The school claimed they had received multiple complaints about his shirt from both students and staff.

But Liam’s experience was different.

Fox News reports:

“He says the response from his fellow classmates was overwhelmingly positive. ‘Everyone in my homeroom and everyone in my gym class had supported what I had done,’ he told Fox News Digital. Morrison, 12, added that no fellow student directly confronted him about the shirt or said it offended them or made them feel unsafe.”

Determined to stand up for his rights, Liam again wore the shirt to school a few weeks later – only this time he used white tape to cover the words “only two” and wrote the word “censored,” so his shirt read, “There Are Censored Genders.”

Once again, the school demanded that he change his shirt.

It was after this second altercation that the Morrison family decided to pursue legal action.

The Morrisons believe this is a clear example of censoring someone with differing beliefs and a violation of the First Amendment.

The family lawyer, Tyson Langhofer, put it this way, as reported by Fox News:

“Students don’t forfeit their free speech rights when they… step into the school. The school is talking about this issue all the time, and all Liam wanted to do was to express his opinion, which is actually shared by a lot of his classmates.”


While the school argues that this is an issue of creating a safe and accepting school environment, it seems the school handbook might favor Liam Morrison.

In fact, the handbook even references “both genders”!

Fox News reports:

“‘their student handbook actually says that public education must be available to members of both sexes, and it says that sexual harassment can’t be against either gender’ Langhofer said. ‘So… the school’s own communications actually support Liam’s viewpoint. But what they’ve told him is that he can’t express that on his shirt, and we think that’s wrong.’”

We applaud Liam and his family for standing up for the truth!

Now is the time to fight back and not allow Liberals to continue to bully children – or their parents – for having conservative values.