Pro-Life Doctor Reveals the Truth – It’s Not “Medically Necessary” to Kill a Baby to Save the Life of a Mother

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Abortion activists are known for using any scare tactic they can to convince women abortion is necessary “health care.”

One of their favorite arguments is claiming that without the “right” to abortion that a mother could die.

But as pro-lifers have said all along, and as a pro-life OB most recently confirmed – it’s never medically necessary to kill a baby to save the life of a mother – and here’s what she had to say.

Abortion involves the brutal ending of a precious life.

And while sometimes pregnancy complications occur – and the mother’s life could be in danger – abortion isn’t necessary to save her life.

An early delivery of the baby?


Bedrest and/or extra tests and monitoring?


But reaching inside of her to rip a baby to shreds?


Thankfully, pro-life physicians are speaking out to stop the spreading of misinformation, especially with the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

Dr. Christina Francis, who is the CEO-elect of the American Association of Pro-life Obstetricians and Gynecologists, spoke out about the difference between aborting a baby and delivering a baby prematurely.

The Federalist reported:

“In 14 years of clinical practice, I have never needed to intentionally end the life of a preborn child in order to save the life of his or her mother.

There are rare situations in which we need to prematurely deliver a baby due to life-threatening complications of pregnancy.

If this occurs after the point at which the baby can survive apart from the mother (viability), we simply deliver the child and take care of both mom and baby.”

In addition to saving the life of a mother, abortion advocates also continue to spread misinformation claiming that Roe v. Wade prevents a physician from treating a woman who’s suffered from the tragedy of a miscarriage or an ectopic pregnancy.

Pro-lifers know that a miscarriage happened as the baby passed away on its own – without the deliberate ending of its life.

And in terms of an ectopic pregnancy, Dr. Francis explains the difference, which she claimed Planned Parenthood used to recognize (before they removed the language from their website to continue their scare campaign).

The Federalist continued:

“There is a difference, legally and medically, between an abortion and treatment for miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy.

Even Planned Parenthood recognized this difference, stating on its website that removing an ectopic pregnancy is not the same as an abortion (though they recently removed this statement in order to continue to spread false information).

An elective abortion is any procedure performed or medication given with the intent to end a pregnancy specifically by ending the life of the preborn child. This is not our intent when we treat a woman for an ectopic pregnancy or for a miscarriage.”

Thankfully doctors like Dr. Francis continue to speak out – as there is so much information circling around terrorizing women.

The President of the United States is encouraging Americans to vote for pro-choice candidates this election cycle claiming everything is on the line.

He’s even helping teens get abortions without parental consent!

As pro-lifers – it’s important to be armed with the truth to be able to speak out against the lies that abortion is “medically necessary” to save the life of a mother.

It isn’t – and it’s about time the truth is told.

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