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Planned Parenthood Affiliates Improperly Received $80 Million In Stimulus Funds

  During a worldwide pandemic, many small businesses and families found themselves struggling to make ends meet. So when the opportunity arose to apply for financial help – many legit small businesses jumped at the opportunity. But greedy abortion providers wanted a slice of the pie too, and even though […]
Sick And Ruthless Campaign Shouts How “Beautiful” Abortion Is

Sick And Ruthless Campaign Shouts How “Beautiful” Abortion Is

  Abortion is a brutal act that ends the life of an unborn child and damages both the body and soul of the mother. Pro-aborts insist that abortion is simply “healthcare” – and that women only use it as a “safe option” when they don’t know what else to do. […]
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Abortions During COVID-19 Just Became Even More Dangerous For Moms

  It’s a well-known fact, abortion facilities are a dangerous place for both mothers and their babies. Horror stories of botched abortions where the inside of a woman is forever damaged, to babies born alive and left to die should be enough to stop a woman from ever stepping foot […]
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New York Times Wants To Use Pandemic To Kill More Unborn Children

  It is not beneath a Democrat to try and take advantage of an awful situation to further their agenda. The Coronavirus pandemic has been a troubling time for American citizens, and with so many people dying you think liberals would support life-saving measures. Well, think again. Economic distress, health […]
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Dems Insist Killing Babies Is “Essential” Even During A Pandemic

  As the world shuts down non-essential businesses, including elective surgeries, Planned Parenthood and pro-aborts are trying to push abortions now more than ever. From persuading women to take an abortion pill if they don’t feel it’s safe to leave their house, to fighting back against states who have tried […]
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Planned Parenthood Hates Life And Ignores Cease Order

Liberals will push their agenda at any cost, under the guise of compassion and individual empowerment. But what is empowering or compassionate about taking a life before he or she ever had a chance to make their impression on this world. Planned Parenthood, a monster of misery, is not slowing […]
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Joe Biden Wants To Control Population By Killing Our Children

  It has been apparent through words and actions that Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is against conservative values, and morality in general. While he has spoken out recently to restrict gun rights and increase taxes, it is his take on the sanctity of life that is most concerning. In […]
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Praise God! Pro-Life Campaign Saves Baby From Abortion

There’s nothing worse than watching a scared young woman approach an abortion clinic, and emerge hours later with a face full of pain and shame, knowing she just ended the life of an innocent baby. Pro-lifers know the battle for life isn’t simply behind a keyboard, but is out in […]
Trump Stands Up For The Unborn In Powerful UN Speech

Trump Stands Up For The Unborn In Powerful UN Speech

Amidst the heap of garbage floating around the media right now there are diamonds in the rough that need to be unveiled.  Liberals are fabricating an intricate web of lies and allegations to try and impeach President Trump.  But their true intentions is not to seek justice, but to bury […]
Abortionist Offers Grotesque Post-Abort Photoshoot With Moms and Their Lifeless Babies

Abortionist Offers Grotesque Post-Abort Photoshoot With Moms and Their Lifeless Babies

The dark and cruel reality of abortion has officially reached a new level of horror.  Pro-aborts often try and claim that abortion isn’t really ending the life of a baby, but simply “healthcare”. But the latest move by one abortionist reveals the truth pro-lifers knew all along – abortionists know […]