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Woman Tik-Tokker Who Mocks Abortion And Calls It ‘Hilarious’ Just Landed A New Public Gig

  There’s nothing more horrific than an abortionist ripping a tiny innocent baby from its mother’s womb. But according to a social media TikTokker who goes by the name “AbortionQweenn– abortion is something “hilarious.” And instead of condemning her actions, it turns out her “mock abortions” actually landed her a […]

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This Country Just Permanently Banned Abortions Saving Countless Unborn Lives 

  With abortion legal and active in America – it can be hard to imagine a place where babies get the chance to live. And with countries around the world like Argentina and Ireland legalizing abortion, it seems as if the entire world has jumped on the abortion train. But […]

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Kamala Harris Works On Her Fame With Cover Photo For Pro-Abort Magazine

  The nation is under distress with political tensions rising daily. President Biden has been wasting no time forcing his agenda on the country through executive order after executive order. What has Biden’s right-hand woman been doing during these trying times? Taking glamour photos for a liberal propaganda magazine. Vogue […]

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Unborn Babies Are In Danger Now More Than Ever As A New Administration Takes Over

  The left is utterly obsessed with pushing their pro-abort agenda, and now they’ve got the President of the United States leading the charge. Staying true to his campaign promise to expand abortion, Biden has already hit the ground running. Sadly, countless unborn babies are set to lose their lives, […]

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Unborn Children Cannot Be Killed In This State!

Photo by Alex Pasarelu on Unsplash  There are a lot of uncertainties with the shift in power within our nation after this last election. Among the many concerns there are with a liberal president in the Oval Office, is whether he is going to promote life through legislation. Although we […]

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Mom Takes Abortion Pill Then Changes Her Mind – The Outcome Is A True Miracle

  One mom decided she no longer wanted to be pregnant – so she took the abortion pill offered to her at the clinic. But upon taking the pill, she immediately was filled with regret for her decision, and she was desperate to undo what she had just done. By […]

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Tragic: Citizens Dance In The Streets At The Ability To Kill More Unborn Babies

    Jumping on the pro-abort bandwagon, Argentina voted to legalize abortion up to 14 weeks in pregnancy. But as pro-lifers wept at the future loss of innocent life – a bizarre scene took place throughout the local neighborhoods. Instead of weeping and mourning in the streets – Argentinians were […]

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Pro-Abortion Billboard Terrorizes People Everywhere With The Most Horrific Lie

  As Missouri families drive through their neighborhood – a shocking billboard greets them – except it’s anything from welcoming. In a horrific attempt to glorify slaughtering unborn babies, The Satanic Temple paid for a ridiculous billboard glorifying abortion in the worst way. And once you learn what the billboard […]

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Sick Leftists Celebrate Killing Babies With A Pro-Abortion Christmas Tree

  As families gather around their brightly decorated Christmas trees strung with lights and homemade ornaments – a sense of joy is felt by all. But when one abortion provider decorated their office tree– it was anything but jolly. In fact, these pro-abort individuals actually decided to celebrate Christmas by […]

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Sick New Movie “Unpregnant” Encourages Teens To Abort Their Babies

    Young girls are constantly bombarded with the message if they become pregnant – abortion is their best option. From sleazy magazines “shouting their abortion” to TV shows portraying abortion as if it is a normal part of being a teenager, it’s not surprising many young girls walk through […]