Dick’s Sporting Goods Faces Backlash After Discriminating Against Women Who Choose Life

Photo by Mike Mozart on Flickr.com


Dick’s Sporting Goods decided to help out their pregnant employees by offering a $4,000 reimbursement.

But the catch is, the $4,000 is only for pregnant women who want to travel to get an abortion to kill their own baby.

Thankfully moms who choose life are fighting back at the discrimination – here’s what they have to say.

America First Legal pointed out Dick’s new policy discriminates against pregnant women who don’t want abortions, and even violates the Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978.

They’ve requested the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to investigate and even penned a letter to Dick’s CEO Lauren Hobart.

Christian Headlines reported:

“The evidence is that the Company is knowingly and intentionally discriminating with respect to compensation, terms, conditions, or privileges of employment because of pregnancy and childbirth in violation” of the law, the letter says.

America First Legal also sent a letter to Hobart.

“We note with concern that you cited no facts suggesting that providing benefits to facilitate abortions, without making at least the same amount available to mothers who give birth, is in the Company’s best interests,” the letter says.

But since the overturing of Roe v. Wade – companies have been tripping over themselves to provide travel reimbursement benefits for women to kill their babies.

Starbucks was eager to let employees know they’ll finically back their employees (and dependents) who want to travel to get an abortion or “gender affirming” surgery.

Amazon, who already has a track-record of devaluing pregnant women, was also quick to offer a travel reimbursement for pregnant women to end the life of their unborn babies. 

Yelp was happy to jump aboard the abortion bandwagon, and joins an ever-growing list of companies offering abortion perks such as Netflix, Disney, Hulu, Old Navy, PayPal, Q-Tips, Ben & Jerry’s, Duolingo, Popsicle, Gap, Airbnb, ESPN, Wells Fargo, Walmart, Mastercard, CVS Pharmacy, Starbucks and even baby Dove!

But those fighting back against the latest abortion push from Dick’s Sporting Goods have an excellent point.

If employers are going to offer $4,000 for pregnant women to kill their babies…

… they should offer compensation to pregnant women who choose life.

These days, women who choose to have their babies are frowned upon, as “pro-women” protestors claim it robs women of their “choice” – not understanding that choosing to have a baby is a choice many women make.

If anything, businesses who claim to be “pro-women” should support a pregnant woman from start to finish – by offering to help with fertility treatments, time off for doctor’s appointments, generous maternity leave, and post-partum care.

Or, they can even offer adoption credits for those who either can’t have children or who feel led to adopt.

There are many ways to help women – but paying them to kill their own babies isn’t one of them.

Let’s hope America First Legal will shine the light on what’s happening at Dick’s Sporting Goods – so all pregnant women are treated the same – and special compensation isn’t given to those who wish to slaughter their babies. 

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