Another Company Vows To Pay Employees To Get Out-Of-State Abortions

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Yelp’s Chief Diversity Officer claims having the option to kill one’s baby is “fundamental” to being successful at work.

So to “help” their employees – Yelp is offering to pay for them to get out-of-state abortions.

And once you hear the latest details of this employee “benefit” – you’re bound to be outraged.

We’ve truly reached a new low in our nation when companies are willing to pay for women to travel out of state to kill their own babies.

It’s absolutely horrific – but companies are jumping on the abortion bandwagon with this latest tactic. 

CBS News reported:

“Yelp’s health insurance already covered abortion care, but next month the company will also provide travel benefits for U.S. employees and their dependents who need to travel out of state to access these services.

“We’ve long been a strong advocate for equality in the workplace, and believe that gender equality cannot be achieved if women’s healthcare rights are restricted,” Yelp’s Chief Diversity Officer Miriam Warren said in a statement. 

“As a remote-first company with a distributed workforce, this new benefit allows our U.S. employees and their dependents to have equitable access to reproductive care, regardless of where they live.”


Gender equality in the workforce has absolutely nothing to do with women getting abortions!

But of course, pro-aborts like Governor Newsom were quick to publicly applaud Yelp for paying women to kill their own babies.

Sadly, Yelp isn’t the only company jumping on the abortion (and LGBT) bandwagon.

Citigroup has said they’ll pay the travel costs of employees “forced” to leave the state to get an abortion.

Ironically – liberals are the ones screaming at everyone to stay out of their “reproductive health” choices – yet they’ll eagerly accept cash to go murder their babies across state lines.

And a leaked Disney video also revealed the deranged employee benefit of offering “gender affirming” treatments to staff – AND their own children! 

Whatever happened to the days of employee benefits revolving around more time off or flexible hours!

Liberals are literally pulling out all the stops to push their agenda through however they can – in both the private and public sphere. 

And as pro-life bills continue to be passed around the country and signed into law– we can expect to see more companies try to find new ways to help their employees murder their own babies. 

Sadly, it’s not like we can expect leadership at the top to speak out against abortion. 

Joe Biden is an enemy of unborn babies – and has already threatened pro-life states who have passed laws that his administration wouldn’t stand for abortion restrictions.

We’ll see how things play out in the upcoming months, but given the current trend we’re expecting to see more companies offer their employees money to cross state lines to kill their babies. 

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