Disney Offers New ‘Benefit’- Gender Transitions For Employee’s Children

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A leaked Disney video during a company-wide Zoom call revealed the shocking plans of Disney execs – and it’s worse than anyone ever imagined.

Not only are they dead set on creating pro-LGBT content for children – but they’ve taken things to a whole other level.

Hoping to prove just how “transgender” friendly they are – Disney is now offering “gender affirming” treatments to employee’s children – and just wait until you hear the horrific details.

Disney is obsessed with corrupting children – to an insatiable level.

In fact, it seems they won’t be satisfied until the “transgender” lifestyle has infiltrated every child across America in the most radical way possible. 

It’s apparently not enough that they’ve included a same-sex kissing scene in the upcoming summer flick ‘Lightyear.’

Nor is it good enough for LGBT employees that Disney has taken a political standhiring radical liberal activists – and vowing to help overturn Florida’s new bill protecting children against LGBT madness.

Now, Disney is so obsessed with making children “transgender’ – they are even offering to pay for it as an employee benefit!

Absolute madness. 

We’ve reached a day in our nation where employers, in effort to be “competitive” and on the cutting-edge of LGBT activism are offering to pay for gender transitions for both employees AND their children.

Yet again, innocent children are thrust into the middle of a massive culture war. 

Disney’s “benefit team” shared the details during the call – and an online document revealed what they would and would not cover.

The Daily Signal reported:

“Disney covers “Gender Affirmation procedures” for both adults and adolescents through Cigna, a health insurance company. The company covers puberty-suppressing hormones for minors under the direction of an endocrinologist, according to the Fidelity document.

For those over 18, the company covers genital implants or prosthesis, breast augmentation or reduction, facial feminization surgeries, vocal surgery and speech therapy, trachea shaving, chest contouring, hair removal, hair transplants, and chest contouring, according to the Fidelity document.

Because of state law, Disney also covers mastectomies and genital surgeries for California employees, the document explained.”

Sickening, and utterly abusive. 

If you can stomach hearing the promise of helping surgically transition “trans kids” – here is a clip so you can see for yourself just how bad things have gotten at Disney. 

It’s no wonder conservatives all across the nation are standing up to Disney and boycotting them.

Even Governor DeSantis has let Disney know he won’t be bullied by their tactics. 

Moms – we know we’ve warned you about Disney before – but things have escalated to a whole other level of madness. 

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