A New Low – Disney Junior Introduces “Trans Muppet Babies”

Photo by Keith Williamson on Flickr.com


LGBT activists are at it again – and this time they’ve hit a new low.

Not satisfied with the number of LGBT children shows… they decided to infiltrate another one, and you won’t believe how far they’ve gone now.

And once you hear how they’ve ruined the beloved Muppet Babies – you’ll be heartbroken.

Disney Junior decided to air a “reboot” of the classic Muppet Babies.

It started off simple enough, with the Muppet Babies portraying the children’s classic story of Cinderella.

But then things took a dark twist.

Miss Piggy is seen holding a glass slipper looking for the missing princess.

To everyone’s amazement, the classic character Gonzo comes out and confesses he is the “missing” princess.

Even though Gonzo is a male – suddenly he “identifies” as a female and is now “transgender” and has adapted the new name “Gonzorella.”

Faithwire reported:

“Everyone, there’s something I need to tell you,” Gonzo tells the group of baby characters in the cartoon. “The princess who came to your ball tonight was me.”

Then through the “magic” of animation, he transforms into Gonzorella, who wears a dress, complete with some kind of necklace.

The group of characters responds by saying, “Wow” together in unison.”

The clip shows Gonzo in a dress, explaining that he hid back revealing his “true gender” because people expected him to look a certain way.

TODDLERS are watching this show.

The creators of this series truly have no shame.

Leftist adults are utterly obsessed with pushing the LGBT agenda onto children, it’s maddening.

And many parents don’t know better and assume cartoons are safe for kids to watch.

In reality, nothing could be further from the truth.

As Mommy Underground previously reported, Disney Junior has a long track record of pushing LGBT propaganda onto children.

Adult and teenage shows have long adopted the LGBT agenda.

But toddlers?

The average audience of Disney Junior are kids ages 2-5.

LGBT activists know if they are to convince the world to adopt their perverse agenda, they’ve got to get kids while they’re young and impressionable.

Of course, a 2-year-old has no idea why the male Gonzo is now “Gonzorella” and wearing a dress…

… but it’s still planting a seed.

Disney even launched a whole slew of rainbow gear in honor of “pride month.”

If you thought rainbow Mickey Mouse ears were bad…

… they actually created baby onesies to promote “LGBT pride.”

Disney is no friend of conservative parents.

So, moms – turn off the TV.

Find other ways to entertain your children – encourage them to partake in creative play where they can have innocent fun.

And most important, make it a priority to instill traditional values into their minds and hearts – they’ll need every bit of wisdom from you they can get before they venture out into this new, dark world.

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