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5 Hacks That Every Parent Needs To Make Life Easier

  Being a parent isn’t easy – between the lack of sleep and constant chaos, you wonder if anyone is really cut out for the job.  But as the world turns, we raise our kids, in awe of the strength we’re given to survive the most unpredictable and beautiful moments […]

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Frightening: Over a Hundred K-12 Staff Have Been Charged With Sex Crimes

  The state of the nation is in a scary place right now for families with government overreach on our children’s education, medical care, and identities.  But what is an even bigger concern for children at large is the predators and their brazen attack on innocence.  You may think these […]

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Don’t Let The Kids Drive You Crazy With These Stay-Sane Tips

  It is easy to let our emotions get the better of us when we are up all night with the baby and the rest of the kids decide to go on strike- refusing to do their chores.  And you have every right to be upset! The problem comes in […]

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Biden Launches Government Site Telling Minors How To Get Abortions Without Parental Consent

Joe Biden just can’t stand it that it’s harder for women to kill their babies – so his administration is scrambling with ways to continue to promote abortion. While some pushback is expected – Biden has taken things to a whole other level. In fact, his latest move targeted children […]

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8th Grade Boys Accused Of Sexual Harassment For Not Referring To Peer As “They/Them”

Schools have become one of the most dangerous places in all of America for a child. “Transgender” bathrooms and locker rooms have led to sexual assault – and many teens suffer from gender dysphoria – encouraged by adults they’ve grown to trust. But in the latest incident – 8th grade […]

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Transgender Chaos – Biological Male Impregnates 2 Women In Female Only Prison

 Demi Minor, a biological male, has decided he “identifies” as a woman. But when he was sentenced to prison for 30 years for manslaughter – he ended up in a New Jersey women’s prison – where he then went on to actually impregnate two different women. And once you hear […]

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California Bill Allows The State To Take Custody Of Kids Whose Parents Oppose Their “Gender Transition”

Imagine your minor child coming up to you and telling you they want to “change genders” – and when you say no – you find out you’ll lose your child. What sounds like a bizarre nightmare could become a possibility in California if liberal politicians get their way. And once […]

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New Bill Seeks To Make California A “Transgender Sanctuary” State

The same radical legislators in California who wants to make “drag queen” shows mandatory for school kids and give a free pass to child sexual predators is at it again – and you won’t believe what he’s up to now. Radical leftist Senator Scott Wiener has plans to turn California […]

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Parents Infuriated After Crayola Jumps On The LGBT Bandwagons

As children prepare to go back to school – stores and manufacturers continue to advertise the latest sales and promotions. Most families have several Crayola products in their school supply arsenal – and so this year Crayola decided to use their influence to promote the unthinkable. And once you hear […]

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Governor DeSantis Protects Kids And Goes After Bar That Hosted Sexually Explicit Drag Show

LGBT activists continue to gun for our children – but Governor DeSantis has made one thing clear – he’s not letting it fly on his watch. The latest LGBT rage includes continued obsession with putting on “drag queen” shows for children – and exposing them to sexually explicit content. And […]