Will Libraries Close Over Controversial Books?

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The dilemma to ban certain books is not new, but now it has reached the doorsteps of public libraries across the country.

And now, for one Texas community, it could mean the closing of multiple county libraries.

Once again, children are put in the middle of a cultural crisis, and you won’t believe what books liberals are trying to expose them to.

Can you imagine taking your young child to your local library and seeing explicit children’s books proudly on display?

This is now the reality in many public libraries across the country.

And with “Pride Month” just around the corner, libraries are all too eager to show how inclusive their collection truly is.

Gone are the days that you can let your child freely browse the children’s section of the library and pick whichever book sparks their interest.

In an attempt to spare children from immoral and questionable material, individuals in Llano County, Texas removed or hid certain books within their county libraries.

Fox News reports:

“Beginning in 2021, the lawsuit says, the defendants began using various tactics to keep certain books out of the hands of patrons, from moving children’s books they objected to into the adult section to temporarily suspending use of their digital library.”

But a federal court has now ruled that these books must be returned to public shelves.

According to Fox News some of the books in question include, “In the Night Kitchen” by Maurice Sendak, “It’s Perfectly Normal: Changing Bodies, Growing Up, Sex and Sexual Health” by Robie H. Harris and “Being Jazz: My Life as a (Transgender) Teen” by Jazz Jennings.

These are not books children need to have access to without parental guidance.

Parents have the right and duty to protect their children from such filthy and inappropriate material.

Initially, after this ruling, Llano County announced that they were considering closing the doors of multiple county libraries in opposition to returning the controversial books to the shelves.

However, after a public hearing, that idea has been ruled out or at least put on hold for now.

Fox News Reports:

“Following public comments both for and against a possible shutdown, the Llano County Commissioners Court decided to remove consideration of a possible closure from the agenda, assuring its three libraries remain open.

“We will try this in the courts, not through social media or through news media,” said Llano County Judge Ron Cunningham, who presides over the commissioners court and is one of the defendants in a lawsuit filed a year ago by library patrons.”

It looks like this fight will be headed back to the courts.

We are at a crossroads in this country – both the future of our country and the safety of our children are at stake.

The issues surrounding this fight are complex.

Children need to be protected from inappropriate and immoral material.

Adults, however, have the right to choose for themselves.

Free speech is an important piece of the foundation our freedoms as Americans is built on.

Public libraries are an important part of that and help both children and adults alike learn and expand their knowledge free of charge.

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