This Miracle Of Survival Is A Slap In The Face To The Left

The liberal left continues to spew their hate-filled rhetoric to anyone who will listen – and sadly, many do.

They not only support the slaughter of the unborn, they encourage it for any woman who feels “inconvenienced” by an unplanned pregnancy.  As we watch the traditional family deteriorate and an increasingly “me first” agenda take root in America and elsewhere, it is hard to have hope for the future.

But one woman’s miraculous story is a testament to the power of life and the fighting spirit.  “Lisa” is a woman in her late twenties who went to an abortion clinic in Michigan when she found she was pregnant.

She took the abortifacient drugs offered to her at the clinic – mifepristone to kill the baby, and  misoprostol to start contractions — and went home to endure the termination of her pregnancy – but things didn’t go as planned.

When “Lisa” had not lost the baby after a week, she returned to the clinic for advice.  Once it was discovered the baby was, indeed, alive, the doctor at the clinic coldly offered to “finish the job.”  Then came a miracle.

When “Lisa” was offered the option of trying a second chemical abortion, or having a surgical abortion in the clinic right then and there, this woman chose life for her child.

Life News reported:

“She chose neither of those,” Tracey Fish, a physician assistant who works with Crossroads Care Center, said. “She wanted to keep her child, but they didn’t offer her that option. So, she called us wondering if we could help her.”

Calling during off-hours, Lisa—who’d been to Crossroads while she was still trying to decide whether or not to keep her baby—reached Tim Stickel, the center’s executive director, who happened to be in the office.

Crossroads then connected Lisa with a high-risk ob-gyn for emergency treatment, and for care the rest of her pregnancy. In the meantime, Stickel, Fish and others spent precious hours in prayer, mentorship and biblical counseling with Lisa and the father of her baby—both during and after pregnancy.

In the spring of 2016, Lisa gave birth to a healthy baby girl.

Stickel went on to say, “It was God who preserved her. We’ve never cried more and prayed more for somebody. It was an emotional roller coaster. There was a huge time investment, but it was only after God had done His work of preserving this child.”

Crossroads is one of thousands of centers working to fight the abortion lobby and save the lives of the unborn.  They are working to join the Abortion Pill Reversal Network, an advocacy group that has saved hundreds of babies by offering reversal medications to contradict the effects of chemical abortion.

When women are given a second chance and find their baby has miraculously survived a procedure, they often have a change of heart and go on to give birth to healthy children.

Pro-life centers like these also show overwhelming evidence that women who see their babies on an ultrasound when in an abortion consultation overwhelmingly choose to continue with their pregnancies.

This appears to have happened in “Lisa’s” case, as she saw the baby she thought had been killed alive and well on the ultrasound screen.

Activist Mommy reported:

This is a perfect example of the goodness of God, coming to rescue this innocent child and working in the heart of the mother to help her make the right decision.

We need more churches standing up against the horrors of abortion, to boldly proclaim the truth outside of mills, to offer adoption, and to work toward abolition at the legislative level in order to provide the protection our most vulnerable citizens deserve.

It is only with God’s divine intervention and the inspirational testimonials of women like “Lisa,” and those who helped her through, that we can conquer the culture of death that is perpetuated by the left.

And it is by our prayers and actions that we can do our part to end the slaughter of the unborn.

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