The Left Wants To Redefine Federal Law – Putting Us All In Danger

Since the U.S. Supreme Court legalized homosexual marriage in 2015, the left has made it their mission to make homosexuals and transgenders a protected class of citizens.

Their demands have been upheld by court after court, and their absurd tactics and bullying are aimed at scaring every citizen into submission.

What we never thought would come to pass has already spread like wildfire, and now the highest court in the land is facing another critical decision in the war against traditional values.

Our families are under assault by the liberal entertainment industry and government-funded indoctrination of our children in school.

The LGBT community expects more and more every day.  

Special treatment, acceptance of and lobbying for their cause, and the rest of us to roll over and give up our beliefs – all for a small minority of Americans who want to change our history and culture.

The “homosexual lobby” has ruined the lives of Christian business owners who refuse to provide services for homosexual “weddings.”  

They demand the end of gender-specific sports and organizations so that “identifying” as the opposite gender is legally equal to being born as such.

And now, a court case from 2016 is the impetus for another step in their plan to eradicate traditional, biological male and female roles. 

That year, Tom Rost had a dispute with an employee of his family’s Michigan-based funeral home business – one that had been in the family for a century.

The male employee decided he would begin identifying as a woman and requested that Mr. Rost allow him to dress as such at work.

Can you imagine the additional shock and discomfort it would cause already grieving families if they were assisted at the funeral home by a man dressed as a woman?  

Tom Rost told the employee that dressing as a woman when he was a man was a violation of the somber and professional dress code of the funeral home.  The employee had signed a copy of this dress code at the time he was hired.

The employee filed a discrimination lawsuit – one that would have been unheard of decades ago.

The U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan originally sided with Rost in the case.  The funeral home was a private business, and the employee’s demands were not to be met.

But, of course, that was unacceptable to left-wing activists who made it their mission to change the law.  

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) got involved by literally pushing to have a section of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 changed.

This act was passed to protect all citizens from discrimination due to race, religion, or “sex.”  The introduction of biological sex was meant to protect women and ensure they receive equal pay and treatment in the workplace.

Ironically, the lines have become so blurred by the left’s twisted agenda and interpretation of the law that women are now in greater danger than ever.

The EEOC’s appeal was heard by the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals who ruled that “sex” would be redefined as “gender identity” in any legal language pertaining to discrimination.   

By changing the terminology, biological sex is replaced by gender identity – meaning that someone who identifies as the opposite gender is legally that gender.  

The Sixth Circuit then ruled in favor of the employee, saying that Tom Rost discriminated against him by refusing to allow him to dress as a woman.  Now, Rost is on the chopping block for adhering to his beliefs.

We are now all to be labeled as criminals if we don’t agree, and hundreds of Christian business owners are under fire for believing in God’s design for women and men.

Alliance Defending Freedom has taken up the case in order to stop this horrifying agenda from spreading any further and erasing our history, biology, and social norms.

They have filed a petition asking that the U.S. Supreme Court take the case and overturn this miscarriage of justice.  

The petition stated, in part, that the Sixth Circuit’s ruling would cause severe consequences for women’s rights in the workplace and elsewhere.  

We’re already seeing it – biological men are competing in women’s sports by saying they identify as women.  

The Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts of America are allowing children to join based on their “gender identity.”

It is madness, and it’s getting worse every day.

A spokesman for ADF says the case is vital because, “Neither government agencies nor the courts have authority to rewrite federal law by replacing ‘sex’ with ‘gender identity’—a change with widespread consequences for everyone…the Sixth Circuit ushered in a profound change in federal law accompanied by widespread legal and social ramifications,” according to Activist Mommy.

And, of course, far-left LGBT groups are filing their own amicus briefs in the case, saying that bias against homosexual and transgender employees is sexual discrimination under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act.

Not surprisingly, hundreds of liberal companies like Amazon and Nike signed these briefs in support of the agenda that bankrolls them.

They demand to change federal law that has protected millions of citizens for decades – all to appease what a Gallup Poll in 2018 determined to be just over four percent of the population who identifies as LGBT.

It is frightening to think about what is happening to our nation.

Thankfully, the U.S. Supreme Court currently has a conservative majority.  But that does not mean this frightening change will never come to pass – the left has gotten their way time and again, leaving the rest of us fighting an uphill battle.

For those of us who still believe that traditional gender and social norms are worth fighting for, the war continues.  This is just one more battle for the sanctity of our beliefs and way of life.

What do you think about the prospect of federal law being changed so that “male” and “female” would be legally recognized by choice rather than biology?  What do you think the long-term consequences could be?  Leave us your comments.