Ivy League School Now Says Your Child Can Get In For Free As Long As You’re Not This One Thing

Photo by Jason A G on Flickr.com


It used to be that Ivy League schools were so prestigious only the crème de la crème need apply.

But as with nearly all things in society, political correctness has sunk its claws in even the most isolated universities.

However, the equality they claim only gives assistance to those liberals deem worthy enough while excluding everyone else.

The Daily Wire reports:

One of the country’s most prestigious universities will completely remove tuition and room and board fees for undergraduates of families who make under $100,000 a year.”

Which university could we be talking about?

Not Harvard or Yale (yet), but Princeton University.

It’s apparent the bubble this Ivy League school lives in if they believe the impoverished of the nation are those who make under $100,000.

According to the United States Census Bureau, the median income in the United States is $31,133.

That puts a whole lot of potential college bound kids eligible for free tuition to a school that will average $57,410 in tuition a year according to Princeton’s admissions page.

However, while the seemingly generous handout will make it possible for many to apply, it diminishes the efforts of those who worked hard to earn a scholarship.

And it doesn’t even consider those who have already spent the last decade working 60+ hours a week just to pay off their student loans.

Those who fall in the specified age bracket will begin getting free tuition in the fall of 2023.

The school already announced the new financial aid program will be covering a quarter of its current students.

Princeton University’s President Christopher L. Eisgruber was reported by The Daily Wire as saying:

One of Princeton’s defining values is our commitment to ensure that talented students from all backgrounds can not only afford a Princeton education but can flourish on our campus and in the world beyond it.”

This is a beautiful sentiment – but is it worth the chasms created in its wake?

Princeton has been on this tack for a while with their first move being the elimination of student loans in 2001 and instead replacing them with grants so students could graduate without debt, according to Insider.

Harvard and Yale have followed suit, eliminated student loans, but have yet to make tuition free.

Where is the money for students to attend Princeton – one of the most expensive universities in the country – coming from?

Alumni (including former First Lady Michelle Obama and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos) and “friends” of the university have offered to foot the bill, making it possible to get an elite education without working for the cost to get there.

This could mean an entire new generation of liberal elitists forcing their way into all aspects of society without one ounce of reality to hold them on the ground.

Princeton, Berkeley, and Harvard have already been in the spotlight for criticizing free speech and targeting conservative thought, as Mommy Underground has previously reported, making their influence on young minds more dangerous than ever.

In fact, one needs to look no further than Harvard’s decision to award Hillary Clinton with one of their highest honors, the Radcliffe Medal, to see just how progressive the Ivy League universities have become.