Ben Shapiro Breaks The Berkeley Bubble

Political agenda is in every nook and cranny of modern life; from the media to the classroom, everyone filters their voice through their worldview.

Universities are no stranger to this filter. Unfortunately, the field of academia is overwhelmingly liberal.

Students are being indoctrinated by left-wing propaganda. The professors inject social opinion in the students through their lectures.

It’s no surprise that the student body acts out when they feel those personal indoctrinations being threatened. Regardless, one is accountable for their own actions.

With the sound, conservative voice being muffled by the fits of the left, educational settings are in need of a Republican presence.

That is exactly what Ben Shapiro gave the student body at University Of California Berkeley last Thursday.

Ben Shapiro is the 33-year-oldeditor-in-chief of the news website The Daily Wire. He is a brilliant Harvard graduate, who is conservative and can defend it logically and forthwith.

The Washington Post reported:

Shapiro, a conservative columnist, was invited by the Young America’s Foundation and the Berkeley College Republicans to “bring ideological diversity” to a campus that “rarely, if ever, is exposed to conservative ideas,” the foundation announced Tuesday afternoon.”

In 2006, Neil Gross and sociologist Solon Simmons did a survey that found “a fifth of all American adults described themselves as liberal”, while “about half of the faculty did.”

It was found that only 14% of professors in the survey identified as Republican. It is clear with these findings that politics in the classroom are being unequally represented, to say the least.

Neil Gross reported:

Academia isn’t teeming with radicals, but it is one of the most liberal occupations in the U.S.”

This is not proportionate to the general U.S. population,whereGallup polls currently puts it at 28%Republican, and 28% Democrat; the remaining claiming independent.

Shapiro’s presence at UC Berkeley was not without opposition, as members belonging to the activist group Antifa took to the streets of the campus to violently object his speech.

The Daily Wire reported:

On his top-rated radio talk show Friday, “the Big Voice on the Right” Rush Limbaugh weighed in on Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro bringing the conservative message into “the belly of the beast” in Berkeley on Thursday night. Shapiro’s experiences there, said Limbaugh, revealed how to handle the violence-embracing Antifa.”

Antifa is said to have adherents who are mostly communists, socialists, and anarchists. Their efforts are positioned to be stopping white supremacists without the help of any government agency or affiliate.

Historically, Antifa has been shown to be violent. The cost is of no concern to them, as long as their point gets across.

The Washington Post reported:

I look forward to speaking to students of all viewpoints at Berkeley,” Shapiro said in a written statement Tuesday afternoon. “I expect that the administration will not hide behind the heckler’s veto of despicable groups like Antifa to prevent this event from moving forward. The home of the free speech movement has an obligation to protect free speech.””

UC Berkeley is considered the home of free speech because in 1964 students at the university protested a ban regarding on-campus political activities that began a surge of student activism.

The irony would be humorous, if not for the violent reactions of those who can’t handle the expression of views apart from their own.

Not to mention, it was a group of anti-Nazis trying to sabotage the speech of a conservative Jew.

The “free speech” university needs to educate their participants on what that entails. You are either going to support the First Amendment right, or you’re not.

Despite the campus uprising, which led to several arrests, Shapiro went on to do his speech, and he did it well.

His conservative voice was heard among a cheering crowd. Those who attempted to debate him during the open forum were quickly shut down by quick-witted questions and answers by Shapiro.

There were conservatives scheduled to speak at UC Berkeley who never got a chance due to the ignorant violence of activists.

The Washington Post reported:

In February, University of California police locked down the campus and canceled a speech by Milo Yiannopoulos after about 150 masked “black bloc” anarchists and radicals swarmed into a group of 1,500 or so students who had been demonstrating against the speech, and began throwing rocks and firecrackers at police, lit a propane tank on fire and broke windows.

In April, the College Republicans invited conservative commentator Ann Coulter to speak, and university officials canceled the event over safety concerns.”

Shapiro’s message of free speech and the conservative view of generationalperils was one that needed to be heard.

The underrepresentation of right-wing opinion in academic settings is disheartening when considering the direction of the youth of today.

Grounded moral objectives and constitutional values are being threatened. We need more brave conservatives to go into the “belly of the beast”, as Limbaugh calls it, to tip the scales of political awareness.