Centuries Of Tradition Crumble To Progressive Policies

Our American colleges and universities are becoming some of the most progressive institutions in the nation.

The left loves to sink their teeth into vulnerable young students who are away from home for the first time and on a path of self-discovery.

So it comes as no surprise that a famous university has decided to erase hundreds of years of tradition in order to cave to the pressure of the left.

Harvard University is among the oldest and most prestigious universities in the U.S. – an Ivy League school held in the highest regard.

Tradition has long been a part of the education experience for Harvard students, but it is being wiped away in the name of progressive political correctness.

For well over a hundred years, Harvard has had a traditional male Glee Club and female Choral Society.  The school also has a co-ed music group called the Collegium Musicum.

Which makes their ridiculous new policy all the more difficult to comprehend – both same-sex music groups are now being forced to go co-ed.

The change comes on the heels of decisions made by the obviously progressive Dean, Rakesh Khurana.

Prior to the mandate that the choral groups must now accept members of the opposite sex (and, of course, transgender individuals who “identify” as the opposite sex), Khurana also banned other same-sex groups on campus.

Breitbart News reported:

The reason for the push has to do with the Harvard administration’s ongoing war against private, off-campus, same-sex social clubs, called “final clubs.” These associations, some of which go back centuries, are viewed with scorn as elitist bastions that enshrine white male privilege — even though many female clubs have opened in recent decades.

Dean Rakesh Khurana has spearheaded the effort to abolish the final clubs by pushing the faculty to adopt rules that punish students who join same-sex organizations. (Ironically, the policy initially drew protest from women’s groups on campus.)

“The discriminatory membership policies of these organizations have led to the perpetuation of spaces that are rife with power imbalances,” Khurana claimed at the time. “The most entrenched of these spaces send an unambiguous message that they are the exclusive preserves of men.”

Like college fraternities and sororities, these “final groups” are an important aspect of a college student’s experience, creating life-long friendships that can last a lifetime, as well as support during the difficult college years.

The dean and administration made it clear that the choral groups would be open to the same disciplinary actions as the “final clubs” if they ignored the necessity of becoming “inclusive.”

While both music groups claim they made the “choice” to go co-ed, the administration’s message must have forced their hand.

Many, like the Glee Club president, remarked that students originally thought they should continue as an all-male group because of the nature of the music they perform, but that seems a comment to spare themselves from any disciplinary action.

Earlier this spring, Harvard suspended the entire group College Faith and Action for removing a lesbian student from its leadership.  Apparently, even student organizations whose core missions disagree with progressive policies are still forced into submission by administration.

And one can look no further than Harvard’s decision to award Hillary Clinton with one of their highest honors, the Radcliffe Medal, to show how progressive the university has become.

Lauding her as a “transformative figure,” we can see where the university’s loyalties lie, as previously reported by Mommy Underground.

Breitbart News continued:

For centuries, choral music has made use of the biological differences between men and women to create harmonies — and to create unique sounds, in the case of music written for single-gender choir

…it is not clear how the Glee Club and the Choral Society will offer musical repertoires that differ from the mixed Collegium Musicum, once they no longer maintain their traditional single-sex membership.

Because of the Jacobin push for political correctness, Harvard has decimated its once-diverse array of student social groups, both official and unofficial, and is now waging war against music itself.

Perhaps most frightening is how quickly the progressive agenda of the left can wipe out hundreds of years of tradition in one fell swoop.

And the students being trained up as our next generation of leaders – the doctors, lawyers, and Congressmen who often hail from Harvard – are being molded in the left’s image for a future society where tradition and values are obsolete.

The eradication of Harvard’s same-sex choral groups may seem insignificant to some, but the precedent being set adds more fuel to the wildfire of leftist ideology that is taking over our nation.

What do you think of the progressive push to undo centuries of tradition within Harvard’s choral groups?  Leave us your thoughts.