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Man Throws Wife Into River After Argument Over Dinner

  All couples have had their fair share of disagreements- allocation of income, where to spend the family vacation, or whether the kitchen walls should be beige or pearl. Some arguments end up in disappointment, hurt, or in most cases compromise. However, one angry man just couldn’t let his demands […]
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Disgusting: Planned Parenthood Chooses Human Traffickers Over Young Girls Yet Again

  It’s no secret Planned Parenthood has a disdain for human life – but there’s one secret they’re trying to keep from the masses. You see, Planned Parenthood raises money and gains supporters by pretending to be “pro women” – but nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, […]
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Moms Are Suffering Major Burnout From Sleepless Nights – And It’s Worse Than You Think

  The pandemic has caused chaos in many homes, but studies show moms are feeling it most. Many moms used to look forward to tucking their little ones into bed, and enjoying a peaceful night’s rest. But with kids at home and wacky sleep schedules – everyone’s circadian rhythm is […]
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Airline Boots Mother And Her Six Kids Off The Plane Because 2-Year Old Wouldn’t Wear A Mask

  A mom and her six kids were on an airplane set to take off – when airline officials did the unthinkable. Before takeoff, the little 2-year old toddler struggled to keep her mask on, and kept pulling it down bellow her pacifier. As a result, the mom and her […]
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Evil To The Core: Satanic Temple Raffles Off Free Abortions To Women Who Can’t Afford Them

  Abortion is a barbaric act that rips an unborn baby from a mother’s womb and truly glorifies the darkest side of humanity. One satanic temple knows this all too well – and wanted to celebrate the gruesome act of abortion by encouraging women who couldn’t afford it to get […]
Moms – Just Say No To The New “Virtual Babysitting” Trend

Moms – Just Say No To The New “Virtual Babysitting” Trend

  America is in chaos as moms struggle to adjust to the “new norm” and figure out how they are supposed to work – and educate their children (if the schools are closed). Many moms are still working from home – and trying to balance the art of “doing it […]
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Teachers Stage “Sick Outs” To Protest Having To Go Back To School

  As summer comes to an end, it’s not uncommon for many children to dread going back to school. Some may fake being sick hoping to fool mom while others simply throw a tantrum at the thought of going back. Except this time, it’s the teachers who are in protest […]
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Leftist School District Tells Parents To Stop Teaching Their Own Children

  As school starts back up – parents and students everywhere are feeling the chaos of the unknown. Students are thrust into a social experiment of “virtual” learning and “hybrid” school weeks – and parents are left to clean up the mess. Naturally, parents want to make sure their children […]
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Ambitious Young Democrat Is Hoping His Dirty Past Is Ignored

  Liberals have praised child predators, immorality, and the death of unborn children. So, it should not be surprising that they are now lifting a young man who has repeatedly committed reprehensible acts. And furthermore, they want you to vote for him! The Hill reports: “A 19-year-old candidate who has […]
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This Unbelievable Order Shows Just How Afraid States Are of Losing Control Over Our Children

  The last few weeks of summer have not been reminiscent of those in the past – the last carefree days before returning the kids to school with reliable routines and expectations. No, this year, because of the continued impact of the coronavirus pandemic, many parents have had no idea […]