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Telehealth Is New And Intimidating – But It Doesn’t Have To Be

It used to be when your child had a cough, suspicious fever, or weird rash you would take them to the pediatrician for an exam. Well, not anymore. With the rising digital age, modern advancements in medical equipment, and prevalence of deadly viruses, telehealth is the new normal for checking […]
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The 5 Most Important Things You Can Tell Your Children

  As a parent you want to say the right thing to your child every time, hoping that your words incite wisdom, love, and understanding. While it is impossible to be the perfect mom, you can empower your child to feel their worth and know the unconditional love you have […]
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Unbelievable:  Mom In Police-Enforced Lockdown Kept From Sick Newborn

  Virtually every person around the globe has experienced the devastating effects of the Coronavirus pandemic. But for one community in Australia, anger and shock continues as families put under one of the most strict lockdowns in the world has them feeling like prisoners. For one mom, the feeling is […]
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There Is A Science Behind The Mother-Daughter Bond

  A mother’s love is like none other, and each child is loved unconditionally, but the special relationship a mother has with her daughter has no competitor. Apart from the obvious tasks that are more fun to do with your little girl- like painting your nails together and going dress […]
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Horrific! Michael Jackson’s Lesbian Daughter Plays The Role Of Jesus In Upcoming Leftist Film

  One could expect to see the usual anti-family tactics in a leftist film, but the latest liberal movie has taken things to a whole new low. The film Habit features an alleged character supposedly representing Jesus… except He is being played by Michael Jackson’s lesbian daughter. More than 300,000 […]
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Studies Are Connecting a Chronic Childhood Illness With Some Surprising Factors

  It is never easy to hear that your child has a chronic illness, even if there are treatments that provide good quality of life. As medical technology advances, so too does our understanding about how we can prevent and treat different conditions in order to lay the foundation for […]
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Outrageous! Mom Working From Home Fired Because Her Kids Were “Too Noisy”

  COVID-19 has caused chaos and disruption in the workplace forcing many moms to adjust to the challenge of working from home – AND caring for their little ones fulltime! One would think bosses would have flexibility with their employees as everyone works to adapt to the new working environment […]
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A Sad Day In America –Many Businesses Forced Into Bankruptcy And Store Closures

  These past few months, many businesses have taken a beating as they’ve been forced to adapt to a socially distant world. From mandatory government regulations to losing a huge customer base due to mandatory stay-at-home orders – many businesses simply could not withstand the hit. As a result, some […]
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Virginia Photographer Sues State For Forcing Him To Promote LGBT Ideas

  Conservative values have been under heavy fire recently in the media and by democratic representatives. Between attacks on our president and LGBT wolves trying to tear down the framework of the traditional family, it is hard to imagine things could get worse. But then Virginia makes another law that […]
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Rushing Into Academics Isn’t What Your Child Needs For Success

  We all want to see our children not just make it through life, but thrive. Somewhere along the lines society has taught us that in order for this to happen we have to sign our kids up for every possible group possible- creative dance class, math club, soccer, and […]