New Law Supports Crisis Pregnancy Centers And Provides Adoption Tax Credits 

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Crisis pregnancy centers are on the front lines of the pro-life battle – but sadly these life-saving agencies never get any help – until now.

West Virginia Governor Jim Justice is determined to help pregnant moms and he just signed the most incredible pro-life bill into law.

And once you hear about the new pro-life program that will help pregnant moms you’re bound to be encouraged.

To start – ever since Roe v. Wade was overturned – pro-aborts have been working overtime to push abortion.

From businesses offering financial abortion incentives to even paying for women to travel out of state to kill their babies – things looked bleak for the unborn.

And of course – the Biden administration has threatened to ram through policies to help women kill their babies – and succeeded.

Most recently, Biden allowed retail pharmacies the opportunity to sell abortion drugs so even more women can kill their own babies.

But despite those fighting to kill, thankfully there are still pro-lifers fighting the good fight and working to introduce pro-life legislation and save lives.

And in West Virginia, where abortions are just about banned, a new bill was signed into law creating a program to help pregnant moms.

LifeSite News reported:

“House Bill 2002 creates the “West Virginia Mothers and Babies Pregnancy Support Program,” which will assist pro-life pregnancy resource centers with funds. It will also work with these pro-life centers to help West Virginia residents access the resources that they need.

The legislation also expands the adoption tax credit from $4,000 to $5,000 and increases access to “early intervention services” such as Right From the Start. This program provides new parents with nurses or social workers to help them adjust to being parents.”


Since the beginning, Mommy Underground has long advocated for polices that actually support pregnant moms along with promoting pro-life alternatives to abortion like adoption.

Expanding the adoption tax credit is a great first step, and if states would actually promote adoption instead of abortion countless lives would be saved.

Pregnant moms need someone to walk alongside them so they don’t feel so alone.

Crisis pregnancy centers are an incredible resource to help these women – and they need all the support and resources they can get.

Thank you to West Virginia Governor Jim Justice for standing up for mamas (and their babies)!

It’s refreshing to see a politician stand for life without apology.

Let’s hope more states will usher through pro-life legislation to not only protect babies against abortion – but to also assist pregnant moms during and after their pregnancy.

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