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New Law Supports Crisis Pregnancy Centers And Provides Adoption Tax Credits 

  Crisis pregnancy centers are on the front lines of the pro-life battle – but sadly these life-saving agencies never get any help – until now. West Virginia Governor Jim Justice is determined to help pregnant moms and he just signed the most incredible pro-life bill into law. And once […]

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Pregnant And Competing In Olympic Trials While The Rest Of Us Struggle Up The Stairs

  The human body is capable of extraordinary things, but none quite as amazing as the miracle of birth. Although beautiful, carrying a child is a marathon in its own rite, however some women defy all expectations and go above and beyond their physical bounds. Surprising us all, Olympic trials […]

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Ruthless Man Had The Most Cruel Reaction To This Pregnant Mom  

  A pregnant mom well into her pregnancy entered a bus and was desperately looking for a place to sit down. But when she asked a guy on the bus if she could have his seat – he responded in the most heartless way. And once he found she was […]

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Incredible Mom Runs One Mile In Record Time While Nine Months Pregnant

  Every woman’s pregnancy experience is different – and each is unique and special in their own way. Some women have a difficult pregnancy and are ordered to rest in bed and take it easy while others are active and even shattering fitness records. And once you hear the story […]

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Virginia Pregnant Woman Gets COVID-19 Despite Extreme Precautions

  The novel coronavirus pandemic has caused many Americans to bar their windows, lock their doors, and shut themselves away from the world. Media giants have led the masses to believe that doing this will make you part of the elite race of survivors after the virus has taken out […]

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New Research Can Help Women Understand This Tragedy Is Not Their Fault

  There is no greater tragedy a human being can experience than losing a child. Many times when a child is lost during pregnancy, whether through miscarriage or stillbirth, parents – especially mothers – may feel there is something they could have done to “prevent” this tragic and life-changing outcome. […]

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Mom Was Asked To Do The Unthinkable Only 7-Months Post Delivery

  Women are the most scrutinized group of people on earth! If it’s not what we are wearing, the way we raise our kids, or the eccentric hair color we experimented with, it is the very shape of our bodies- which is often partly out of our control. At the […]

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Mom Delivers Son Unassisted At Just The Right Time

    Becoming a mother is one of the most monumental moments in a woman’s life. Because of this, we try to plan everything out to make the experience run as smoothly as pushing a little human out of your body can go. However, as if God is trying to […]

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Here’s How You Can Help Pregnant Moms During COVID-19

  Being pregnant and knowing you are about to bring another life into the world is one of the most joyous events a woman can experience. But during COVID-19, many pregnant women are overcome with fear and sadness – as they worry about the safety of delivering their babies during […]

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These Silent Victims of the Global Pandemic Are Facing Tragedy In An Unexpected Way

  The global coronavirus pandemic has created many difficult situations for families. We are distanced from friends and loved ones, especially when they reside in nursing homes and rehabilitation facilities or are hospitalized in order to keep one another healthy. But there is another tragic consequence of this social distancing […]