Incredible Mom Runs One Mile In Record Time While Nine Months Pregnant

Photo by Neal E. Johnson on Unsplash


Every woman’s pregnancy experience is different – and each is unique and special in their own way.

Some women have a difficult pregnancy and are ordered to rest in bed and take it easy while others are active and even shattering fitness records.

And once you hear the story of one woman’s breathtaking running record – you’ll be even more amazed she did it while 9 months pregnant.

Makenna is an elite athlete who is used to running a lot of miles.

But being pregnant, one would think that would stop, right?

Guess again!

Even while pregnant, Makenna hit the pavement at least 5 times a week.

At first, she was worried running while pregnant could be too dangerous – but then she got the clear from her doctor.

Buzzfeed News reported:

“My first doctor was all about it because he had dealt with elite athletes before,” she said. “My second doctor asked me to be a bit more cautious because he didn’t understand my background — and that was before any ultrasound. After ultrasounds showed a perfectly healthy baby, he’s been more supportive, but emphasizes the importance of getting enough calories (which, if he knew me better, he would know that’s not a problem).”

But again, one would think even though Makenna could run – she wouldn’t be as fast.

I mean, she is carrying a baby and all…

… not to mention all the aches and pains that come while being pregnant.

So, she decided to challenger herself and see if she could run a mile in 8 minutes.

But not only did she beat her goal –she actually ran the full mile in just 5 minutes and 25 seconds!


Makenna certainly shatters the stereotype many pregnant women face about staying active while pregnant.

And while Makenna’s feat is impressive – this active of a lifestyle is not safe for all pregnant women.

Remember, she had a background in running, so her body was used to her feet hitting the pavement.

If you’ve never run before, or it’s been awhile, now is not the time to start an aggressive running campaign while pregnant!

Always be sure to check with your doctor before beginning any fitness routine.

And if you get the clear – it’s incredibly important to stay hydrated and get enough calories for both you and baby.

Take breaks if you are tired or dizzy and don’t push yourself too hard.

And remember, every woman is different, and every pregnancy is different.

Should you face a difficult pregnancy and experience complications, don’t feel guilty if your doctor orders you to rest.

You are carrying a living human being inside of you – and that is work all in itself!

To women like Makenna who are still able to keep up an aggressive fitness routine while pregnant – rock on!

The human body is truly amazing and resilient.

Cheers to celebrating all different types of pregnancies!

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