Unmarked Vans Sell Abortion Pills For $350 On The Colorado Border

Photo by Albert on Flickr.com


Pro-aborts are determined to increase abortions – and they’ve resorted to making it easy and “painless” for women to kill their babies.

In their latest stunt – abortion advocates have attacked pro-life states for passing life-saving legislation – threatening to “help” women from these states still get abortions.

And now – they’ve even resorted to sending unmarked vans to the Colorado border – and just wait until you hear the horrific details.

It sounds like something out of a bad movie… an unmarked van selling pills out the back of their truck for $350.

Yet women who live in states where abortion has been restricted thanks to the overturning of Roe v. Wade simply have to cross over to Colorado where pro-aborts are eagerly waiting to give them drugs to end the life of the precious baby growing inside them.

The group Just The Pill admits they don’t have any signs on their van because they want to “keep patients safe” since a lot of people don’t agree with what they are doing.

NPR reported:

“It doesn’t have any signage on it,” Dr. Julie Amaon, the medical director of Just The Pill, said. “We’re not trying to tell people what we’re doing to keep patients safe because we know that even in more protected states like Colorado, there are still lots of people that don’t agree with what we’re doing.”

Just The Pill provides medication abortion, which is a dose of two pills that can be taken at home. Patients who live in states with restrictions can travel to Colorado to pick up the medications from the organization’s sole mobile clinic, which parks at various spots near state lines.

“We try to get to as close to the patients as possible, depending on what method they’re coming in,” Dr. Amaon said. “Are they coming in by bus, by car, by plane? And so that gives us some more flexibility to move around and meet patients where they are.”

This is absolutely horrifying!

We live in a country where people are actually scheming up new ways to help women kill their babies.

Instead of turning to life-saving options and promoting things like ultrasounds and adoption to encourage women to choose life…

… pro aborts are literally willing to drive around in an unmarked van handing out abortion pills like candy to those coming in from other states.

The depravity of our culture continues to worsen with no end in sight.

We have companies paying travel expenses for women to abort their babies.

Other pregnant women pop abortion pills live on TV for the shock value of killing their own baby for the world to see.

And of course – who could forget the grotesque live abortion that was played on NPR complete with the vacuum sucking a precious baby from its mother’s womb and ending its sweet life.

Don’t for one second believe the lie that the abortion industry wants to “help women.”

All they care about is murdering babies and using women as pawns in their pro-abort platform.

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