Sick! Pro-Abort Activist Pops Abortion Pill On Live TV

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Taking the life of an unborn baby is a heartbreaking and horrific act of violence.

But abortion activist Jex Blackmore decided to take an abortion pill – live on Fox 2 Detroit’s “Let It Rip”. 

And once you hear her reason – you’re bound to be horrified. 

To start, of course – she wanted the shock value.

Pro-aborts are always looking for ways to “shock and awe” – like telling women to shout their abortions or to write “funny” stories about it in Teen Vouge. 


As a former satanic temple leader, Blackmore’s disdain for human life was apparent when she popped the abortion pill like candy and boasted how it was her third abortion – all on live TV!

Host Charlie Langton and pro-life hero Rebecca Kiessling were stunned at her brazen act. 

NBC News reported:

“During the segment, which was widely shared online, Blackmore holds up a tablet of the hormone blocker mifepristone. “I want to show you how easy it is, and how safe it is, by taking it myself,” they say before downing the pill with a sip of water.

“Are you … you’re not pregnant, are you?” Langton asked.

“I would say that this is going to end a pregnancy,” Blackmore responded. “This would be my third abortion.”


But Kiessling responded in the best way possible – by describing the brutal reality women experience when they are hovered over in pain in the bathroom while their baby dies inside them.

And, she also let viewers know there are options to reverse the effects of the abortion pill – hopefully saving the lives of countless future babies.

You see, many pregnant women who feel pressured to abort their babies choose the abortion pill because it seems like a quick and painless way out. 

And ever since Biden made it even easier for women to have access to the abortion pill – the number of young girls taking them have increased drastically.

Even though some immediately regret their decision – they think it’s too late to do anything save their baby.

Thankfully, Kiessling was wise enough to divert attention away from the disgusting actions of pro-abort Blackmore and help pregnant women choose life instead.

There’s nothing “empowering” about killing a baby – and the fact that Blackmore used her few moments of fame to boast about her multiple abortions – while willfully choosing to kill yet another human life – shows the dark reality of the abortion industry.

But remember – she was a former leader of the satanic temple…

… the same organization that offered free abortions to women who couldn’t afford them as a way to entice them to kill their babies.

If anyone was on the fence about how sick the abortion industry actually is – Blackmore’s latest publicity stunt should set the record straight once and for all+. 

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