Latest “Shout Your Abortion” Campaign Brags About How Many Babies Have Died

Over 60 million babies have lost their lives at the hands of cruel abortionists since Roe v. Wade.

Truly the genocide of our time, abortion is a tragic, and deadly act of violence that not only slays innocent life but leaves everlasting emotional scars on the mother.

Which is why the latest pro-abort campaign is so callous, it will shock you.

Many women who undergo abortions come to regret their decision to murder their unborn baby.

They are left with regret, shame, and emotional trauma, that sometimes takes a lifetime to overcome.

It’s only by the Lord’s grace they are able to pick up the pieces of their lives and find forgiveness.

Abortion is a horrific act which should not be celebrated.

But this latest pro-abort campaign is attempting to make abortions “fun” by having women “shout out their abortion” as if it is something to celebrate and rejoice in. is a website dedicated to women who have had abortions and are proud of it.

Truly, it’s sickening.

One of the stories by a woman goes on to say she didn’t “want more children” and doesn’t regret her decision to murder her baby.

She further goes on to insult pro-lifers for being “ignorant”, while claiming she’s happy she had an abortion and wants her teenage daughters to have the same “rights” as she did. reported:

“My husband and I already had two young daughters when I had my abortion. We had just gotten to the point where both of our kids were in school and I was able to work more when our birth control failed. I didn’t want more children and I’ve never regretted my decision. I haven’t hidden the fact that I’ve had an abortion, but I’ve been selectively forthcoming.

I have family members who are “pro-life” and I’ve occupied this strange headspace where I simultaneously feel sorry for their ignorance, but also fear their judgment, so I’ve talked generally about abortion, not personally. With all of the attacks on women’s health, I’m more afraid that other women won’t (because some already don’t) have the same choices I did. My daughters are teenagers now and I want them to have the same rights that I did.  My abortion was good for me and it was good for my family. It was safe. It was professional. It was accessible. All women deserve the same.”

This campaign is horrific and takes the pro-abort campaign to a pathetic new low.Women “shouting out” their abortions? Seriously?

As if it’s something to brag about or celebrate.

Even worse, well known celebrities like Oprah claim these pro-abort stories are “inspirational.”

Women and teens around the world look to Oprah as a “pro-woman” force, and Oprah’s endorsement of the “shoutyourabortion” campaign further attempts to make abortion seem popular and “cool.”

This shows the true agenda of the pro-abort crowd – abortions on demand for all.

They don’t care about the reason.

It could be as simple as “I don’t want a baby” or “I want my career.”

This website shows no remorse for the horrific act of violence committed against innocent babies.

Another lady went on to share her story:

Now that I am a mother I can say with conviction that having an abortion at age 18 was the best decision I ever made. Not because I have grown into a mature, loving, fiscally responsible adult, but because children are nasty and awful things.”

Children are a beautiful gift from God.

They deserve the chance to be loved and cared for, and most importantly, the chance at life.

What are your thoughts on the “shout your abortion” website?

Do you think abortion should ever be celebrated or embraced?

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