World Health Organization Claims At-Home Abortion Is The New “Self-Care” Trend

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When a mom imagines self-care, she might envision a day out at the spa with a soothing massage, or maybe even dinner catered in so she can relax.

But according to the World Health Organization (WHO), women should consider adding abortion as the latest “self-care” option.

And once you hear the latest guidelines WHO has put forth, you’re bound to be outraged.

Apparently, WHO thinks women are perfectly capable of administering their own abortion drugs to kill their babies at home without the supervision of a doctor.

Their website boasts they want to introduce “promising and exciting new approaches” to health…

…. which apparently means arming women with the power to take the life of the unborn baby growing inside the womb.

Live Action reported:

““Women can manage their reproductive health,” said Lilian Muchoki of Women First Digital, a pro-abortion organization providing WHO-approved instructions to women seeking abortions in countries where it is restricted or illegal, on a recent webinar.

The WHO guidelines assert that the promotion of “self-care” interventions will ensure that individuals, families, and communities can promote health and prevent disease where they lack access to essential health services or when services are disrupted due to emergencies.

Interventions include self-administration of injectable contraception, emergency contraception, and pills to induce abortions.”

As if popping a pill to end the life of an unborn baby should be right up there with other self-care routines women do on a regular basis.


And while it’s horrific they have a basic disregard for an unborn life, these recommendations don’t even seem to address both the physical and emotional dangers women face from choosing to abort their babies.

Mommy Underground reported just some of the horrors of abortion pills – with women being rushed to the hospital due to excessive bleeding and some even delivering babies as they took the pills to late in their pregnancy.

These pills are dangerous, yet are being given to women like candy – and now WHO wants to make it about “self-care” and let women take them at home.

Of course, we have President Biden and his pro-abort administration working overtime to make abortion more accessible – even allowing mail-order pills for women in the name of “safety” during COVID-19.


Of course, this is all a sham.

Those pushing this program don’t actually care about the health of women.

All they care about is “empowering” women to make the mistake of ending an innocent life because the radical left is utterly obsessed with abortion.

True “self-care” rejuvenates a woman’s soul – and there’s nothing peaceful or wholesome about a mother ending the life of her own baby.

But with pro-aborts calling the shots, we can expect to see even more radical ideas proposed here and around the world.

Those of us who value women and babies must continue to speak out against all the devious schemes of the left who are working overtime to persuade women to do the unthinkable.

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