Extreme Dangers Linked to “Abortion by Mail” Program

Photo by VAlaSiurua on WikiMedia Commons


We hear it time and time again – the Left says abortion is a “women’s healthcare issue.”

But what they don’t talk about is all the damage, both physical and emotional, that is caused when a woman aborts her child.

And we’re now hearing of a frightening scenario in the U.K. that will all-too-soon become another tragic consequence of abortion on women’s health.

Even before the U.S. Supreme Court ruled on the Roe v. Wade decision of 1973 that legalized abortion, women in the U.K. were already claiming their legal “right” to murder their unborn children with the U.K.’s Abortion Act of 1967.

All over the world, millions upon millions of unborn children have been denied the right to life itself, without even having an opportunity to defend themselves.

It is a tragedy of epic proportions that countries all over the globe allow the slaughter of the unborn in the name of “women’s rights,” but the consequences to women are also devastating.

Emotional trauma, lifelong regret, crippling depression, and more are just some of the effects on women who have abortions.

And the physical dangers to women – including death of the mother – have long since come to light.

To that end, pro-life organizations have worked tirelessly to not only protect the unborn, but also to let women know the dangers of both surgical and chemical abortions.

One U.K.-based pro-life organization, Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC), has come across some startling information acquired through a leaked email from staff in their National Health System (NHS).

The U.K.’s socialized, government-run healthcare system — likely in an effort to cut costs – has become complicit in perpetuating a program that allows for “do it yourself” abortions at home.

Abortion providers have been sending chemical abortion “kits” through the mail – deadly abortion pills that women can take at home to end their pregnancies.

There appears to be little to no oversight on the part of NHS over this program – and women are dying.

The email in question was sent by a midwife in the NHS who raised concerns that the system’s Care Quality Commission had received several complaints of complications due to the at-home abortion pills.

They admit to an “escalating risk” of injury and death to women trying the procedure at home, without so much as a phone consultation with a physician.

There have thus far been thirteen reported instances of injury or death now under NHS investigation.

One included the murder of a baby born alive after a home abortion, and several instances of the chemical abortion pills being sent to women well past the “recommended” limit of ten weeks gestation.

The women seen in the NHS’ equivalent of the emergency room have presented with heavy bleeding, severe pain, and ruptured fallopian tubes.

There have even been cases of full-term infants being delivered because their mothers took the abortion pills late in their pregnancies by easily requesting them in the mail.

Police have gotten involved in the investigation of a few of the reports, including the one involving a baby born alive and then murdered at home.

There have also been at least two deaths of mothers, although it is unclear whether they occurred through at-home abortions by mail or started the chemical abortion process at a clinic.

The SPUC has launched a campaign called “Tell the Truth” to alert women to the dangers of at-home abortions with pills acquired through the mail.

The campaign also aims to make the public and Parliament aware of just how dangerous the abortion-by-mail program is.

The tally of complaints thus far all occurred within a span of less than two months, so the potential for further tragedy cannot be ignored.

The SPUC has appealed to the public to come forward with any other incidents that may have gone unreported in an effort to end this terrible program – not only for the protection of the unborn, but before more maternal lives are lost.