Evil To The Core: Satanic Temple Raffles Off Free Abortions To Women Who Can’t Afford Them

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Abortion is a barbaric act that rips an unborn baby from a mother’s womb and truly glorifies the darkest side of humanity.

One satanic temple knows this all too well – and wanted to celebrate the gruesome act of abortion by encouraging women who couldn’t afford it to get an abortion – for free.

In a sick and twisted move to promote the horrific act of abortion – this satanic temple created a raffle with an unthinkable grand prize – a free abortion.

To raffle off the slaughter of an unborn baby is truly evil to the core.

It’s beyond unthinkable.

As if celebrating the loss of innocent life is some sort of “prize” to be gifted.

Mocking the gift of life and glorifying taking the life of an innocent baby is nothing to be proud of – it’s something that should be illegal.

But of course, those living in darkness don’t see it the same way.

The Satanic Temple is seeking to raise $100,000 to promote more abortions – and they’re offering a raffle ticket for a “free abortion” with every $200 donation.

Life News reported:

“The Satanic abortion rituals consist of the mother reciting in front of a mirror, two of seven tenets and an affirmation, punctuated by the death of her unborn child.

This is little more than a thinly veiled attempt to eliminate all abortion protections in the name of Satan.”

God help our nation.

Pro-aborts always try and skew the real motive of abortion and claim they are helping poor underprivileged women have access to healthcare.

They carry on about “women’s rights” – and completely neglect the right of the unborn baby growing in the womb.

But to actually use the name of satan to glorify death – and offer a free abortion as a prize is darkness in the flesh.

It’s no wonder, as America is in a truly supernatural battle against the culture of death who seeks to kill and destroy.

Presidential candidate Joe Biden has already promised more abortions under his presidency – making taxpayers pay for it. (Please link Biden article – Biden’s New Pro Women Agenda Seeks To Slaughter More Unborn Babies – approved 8/10 not yet posted to website)

Planned Parenthood has ramped up its pro-abort campaign by undergoing a massive leadership transition and only employing those who are committed to promote abortion without restrictions.

And while the satanic temple glorifies abortion – they aren’t the only ones.

More and more women are trying to push the pro-abort agenda by writing about how peaceful their abortions were, and how they’d do it again.

One mom even wrote how she sung a lullaby to her unborn baby before she ended its life, and another “thanked” the babies she was about to slaughter for letting her be their mom.

Now more than ever, pro-lifers must rip the veil of secrecy off and continue to reveal just how barbaric this act of abortion really is.

A country who glorifies or celebrates the murder of an unborn baby is a nation who has truly lost its soul.

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