Planned Parenthood CEO Is Clear – “Abortion Is The Goal”

For decades, Planned Parenthood has marketed itself as an organization that provides “healthcare” for women, claiming abortions only make up 3% of their services.

While everyone knows they rattle off such statistics simply to get more money to stuff into their baby-killing coffers, they’ve stood by their statement.

But when Planned Parenthood’s new CEO was quoted as not being as “abortion happy” as her predecessor, she released a shocking statement which proves all along the true core mission of Planned Parenthood.

It appeared the Planned Parenthood CEO was actually insulted people would think she wasn’t “abortion happy”, so she was desperate to clear her name.

So, she released a response that will infuriate you.

Not beating around the bush, Planned Parenthood’s CEO didn’t just say abortion was a “part” of Planned Parenthood’s mission.

She actually went on to say that abortion is the CORE MISSION of Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood’s CEO proudly tweeted:

“First, our core mission is providing, protecting and expanding access to abortion and reproductive health care. We will never back down from that fight – it’s a fundamental human right and women’s lives are at stake.”

As if she is somehow boasting about her organization’s record of slaughtering innocent lives like it is a good thing.

And her tweet admitted not only does Planned Parenthood have abortion as the goal– but they actually want to expand abortion and kill more babies!

At the same time, pro-aborts try and convince taxpayers to fund Planned Parenthood, claiming abortion is just a “small part” of their “services.”

But the CEO’s latest tweet and defense of abortion revealed the same truth pro-life advocates have been saying all along.

Life News reported:

“Her tweet, which she followed up with even more militant defenses of abortion, blew more than a decade of subterfuge and hyperbole to bits. Planned Parenthood, who meticulously scrubbed any reference of abortion from its public statements under Richards, is finally making an admission that ought to cause elected officials across America to rethink its half-billion-dollar taxpayer investment.”

Some in the pro-choice movement will still attempt to spin Planned Parenthood as providing “healthcare” services to women such as cancer screenings, even though numbers show these stats are down.

And as Mommy Underground previously reported, this CEO knows exactly what she’s doing.

She admitted during the Democratic National Convention that babies are considered “unborn children”, even though Planned Parenthood is trying to paint her as a “knowledgeable doctor”.

Take it straight from the mouth of the CEO – Planned Parenthood isn’t about protecting women – they are about killing their unborn babies.

As the recent March for Life took place, pro-life advocates gathered to advocate on behalf of unborn babies.

Women and children were both present all unified to fight for life!

But sadly, given the recent statement from Planned Parenthood’s CEO, more women will still continue to be traumatized at the hands of ruthless abortionists.

It’s going to take more than a march to stop Planned Parenthood, but the unified bodies together for life is a strong message to Planned Parenthood, their time is coming to a close.

What are your thoughts on Planned Parenthood’s CEO claiming abortion is the “core mission” of her organization?

Do you think taxpayer funds should pay for Planned Parenthood in any capacity?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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