Explosive Scandal: Sexually Abused Teens Ignored By Planned Parenthood

Teenage victims of sexual abuse have undergone unthinkable horror, as they’ve been forced to endure the unthinkable.

But instead of helping victims of sexual abuse get help and retreat to a safe place, Planned Parenthood has decided to back the sexual predator instead.

Even worse, Planned Parenthood continued to put these girls through more torture, by doing the unthinkable.

Instead of reporting the sexual abuse to the proper authorities and rescuing these innocent girls from further sexual abuse, Planned Parenthood decided to side with the sexual predators.

Helping sexual predators cover their tracks, Planned Parenthood performed abortions on sexual abuse victims as young as 12-years-old.

But what would make Planned Parenthood back sexual predators over teenage girls?


Planned Parenthood proved their main objective is to provide abortions – they don’t care about women, even those who are underage and sexually abused.

These poor teens have been through a horrific ordeal, being sexually abused by adults.

And then, they were forced to endure even more trauma, by being forced to have an abortion to hide the evidence of the abuse.

Our women deserve better. Our young girls deserve better.

It’s mind-blowing how leftist feminists can parade in the streets wearing pink hats defending Planned Parenthood, who allowed sexual predators to continue abusing children.

Even more hypocritical, all the #MeToo victims who still back Planned Parenthood, are choosing to side with the very parties that contribute to sexual abuse.

To send an innocent girl back into the hands of a sexual predator reveals the workers at Planned Parenthood are without remorse, their conscience is seared.

Planned Parenthood wants to murder unborn babies, and they’re more than willing to provide abortions on demand, even if it means giving cover to sexual predators to hide abuse.

Live Action, who was founded by pro-life warrior Lila Rose is a non-profit who boldly speaks up for life and defends unborn lives.

Recently, Live Action created a 7 part docuseries exposing the truth behind Planned Parenthood and the long history of Planned Parenthood workers covering up sexual abuse.

Live Action continues to interview former Planned Parenthood workers, who are eager to tell what really happens behind closed doors, in hopes the truth will finally be let out.

Live Action reported:

“Catherine Adair, a former Planned Parenthood staffer, recounts how girls would come into her facility with their abusers, but she testified that the abortion facility staff’s attitude was that the girl “was better off with the abortion” rather than reporting the abuse.”

Monica Cline, an HIV health educator and Title X training manager, also testified to witnessing this cover-up of abuse.

Cline claims that Planned Parenthood’s view of children is distorted and dehumanizing and stems from a false ideology that young people are “like and animals that cannot control themselves” where sex is concerned. She claims the organization has adopted a “don’t ask/don’t tell” policy on sexual abuse, in other words, “if we don’t ask how old her partner is, we don’t have to tell.”

Congress has had enough and is fighting back.

More than 56 lawmakers signed a letter to the Department of Health And Human Services demanding Planned Parenthood undergo a thorough investigation for covering up sexual abuse and providing abortions to underage girls.

And with Trump in the White House, who has already taken massive steps to defund Planned Parenthood, it looks like Planned Parenthood could be in serious hot water.

What are your thoughts on Planned Parenthood’s decision to provide abortion to underage girls while covering up the fact they had been sexually assaulted?

Do you think Congress should investigate and defund Planned Parenthood once and for all?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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