Amazon Is Paying Their Employees To Get Abortions

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As the battle for life rages on in our nation – employers are doing their part to join the fight. 

Another major company jumped on the abortion bandwagon – offering their employees a new “benefit.”

And once you hear the shocking details – you’re bound to be outraged. 

Amazon has pledged to pay up to $4,000 in travel expenses for women seeking abortions.


They want to help women who can’t get abortions in their state get them elsewhere. 

We’ve reached a sickening new low in our nation when employers are offering abortion as a company “benefit.”

There are so many other things they could offer – mental health counseling, extended maternity leave, or a pregnancy health benefit.

Things that actually HELP women, not harm them. 

But instead – Amazon is encouraging women to kill their babies.

Reuters reported:

“Amazon’s new benefit, effective to Jan. 1 retroactively, applies if an operation is not available within 100 miles (161 km) of an employee’s home and virtual care is not possible, the company’s message said.”

Amazon’s willingness to pay $4,000 to help employees get an abortion is truly unconscionable – but not surprising given their track record. 

Mommy Underground already sounded the alarm on the way Amazon devalues pregnant women.

Several Amazon employees spoke up claiming Amazon discriminated against them while they were pregnant – even criticizing how long they were in the restroom.

As a result, several women had miscarriages and claimed they were caused by Amazon who refused to accommodate their pregnancy – continuing to force them to lift heavy items. 

If a company has the nerve to discriminate against pregnant women – it’s not surprising they are hoping their employees will take advantage of this latest “benefit” and kill their own babies.

Sadly, it’s not just Amazon jumping on the abortion bandwagon.

Yelp decided to “help their employees” by paying for out-of-state abortions. 

Other companies like Citigroup offered to pay for travel for their employees out of state too. 

But some companies have taken things even further – and created policies specifically designed to combat pro-life legislation.

Lyft and Uber vowed to have a legal defense fund should any of their drivers be sued for taking women to abort their babies. 

CNN reported:

“The ride-sharing rivals each announced in September that they would create legal defense funds to protect any drivers who might be sued under the Texas law for driving a person who receives an abortion.

The law’s wording leaves open the possibility that a driver could be sued, possibly even if they didn’t know an abortion was happening, according to Elizabeth Sepper, a law professor at the University of Texas at Austin.

Lyft also said it would donate $1 million to Planned Parenthood “to ensure that transportation is never a barrier to healthcare access.”

Sadly, with the recent Supreme Court leak on the draft ruling of Roe v. Wade – we can expect to see more employers coming up with ways to promote abortion.

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