HORRIFIC – NPR Plays Live Abortion Over The Airwaves Comparing It To “Giving Birth”

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Hoping to influence the elections and elect pro-aborts to office – NPR aired one of the most pro-abortion pieces we’ve ever seen.

Not only did they interview women who were getting abortions – but they actually aired the abortion LIVE – complete with the vacuum sounds of a baby being murdered and sucked out from its mother’s womb.

In one of the most horrifying pieces, we’ve ever had to cover – and here’s how low pro-aborts have stooped to make abortion seem normal.

To start, we know pro-aborts are always looking for the “shock value” to promote abortion.

From having women “shout their abortions” to popping abortion pills on TV, they’ve made it clear that anything goes.

But when NPR featured a pro-abortion clip – complete with a woman getting an abortion where listeners could actually hear the sound of the vacuum and the baby being sucked out of its mother’s womb – pro-aborts hit a new level of evil.

Kate Wells of Michigan Radio spent time in Michigan at an abortion clinic talking and interviewing women.

The clip starts with a woman named Melissa who tried to get an abortion in Ohio but “failed” due to their life-saving pro-life laws– so she crossed the border to Michigan.

Melissa is crying on the air claiming she had to “sit with it for weeks” (the baby) until she was finally able to kill it.

Wells talks about the “inspirational” quotes on the walls of the abortion clinic saying things like “good women get abortions.”


But it gets worse.

She continues to interview women – all who have stories ranging from their distaste of life-saving pregnancy clinics trying to “pray for them” to the financial woes of having a child.

But then the interview takes an even darker turn – and goes into a room where a woman is getting ready to actually have a surgical abortion.

Audrey Lance is the one providing the abortion for the unidentified women – and instructs the women to put her feet in straps – leading Wells to actually have the sheer audacity to compare abortion to childbirth.

The NPR transcript reveals the horrific reporting from Wells right as the woman is about to kill her baby.

Here’s just a small sample of the transcript from the 11-minute clip.

NPR reported:

WELLS: Most patients are partially awake during the procedures. They get IV medication for pain and anxiety. The lights are dimmed. There’s soothing music. It actually feels a lot like a childbirth – the medical gown, your bare legs in stirrups and a person next to you, saying, you can do this.

BRANDEE: Squeeze my hand, and just keep breathing.

WELLS: That’s Brandee. She’s one of the staffers. Her job is to monitor vital signs, but it is also to hold the patient’s hand and talk her through this. Whether it’s a birth or an abortion, it is often women guiding other women.

LANCE: You’re going to hear this machine turn on now, OK? It makes a loud noise.



BRANDEE: Blow it out. Blow it out. Breathe through it. Breathe through it. Blow it out. Listen to me. Blow it out. If you hold your breath, it just makes it harder for you. Keep breathing. Keep breathing.

WELLS: Just keep breathing, Brandee tells her over and over. I can’t, the patient says at one point, when the cramps get painful. Yes, you can, Brandee tells her. You’re doing it. And then, within just a couple of minutes, it’s over.


LANCE: All right, one more time.


BRANDEE: Take some deep breaths for me. Catch your breath.

LANCE: You did it.

UNIDENTIFIED PATIENT #1: Thank you guys so much.

BRANDEE: You did it.

LANCE: You are welcome.

BRANDEE: You did it.

UNIDENTIFIED PATIENT #1: Oh, I hope I didn’t do too bad.

RANDEE: You did good (laughter).

LANCE: You did great. You did just fine. Yeah.


Playing the death of a baby over the airwaves – comparing it to childbirth – and laughing about it.

The evil of the abortion movement is now visible for all to see.

Here at Mommy Underground, we value the sanctity of life and have made sure to keep you up to date on all things related to the pro-life movement – including the darkness of abortion.

While we’ve covered some grotesque topics over the years such as women singing to their babies before they abort them, underage abortions due to sexual assault, and even botched abortions that have ruined women – what we are about to share with you is one of the worst things we’ve ever had to report on.


*Warning* – The clip below is extremely graphic, and deeply disturbing as it features the sounds of an actual abortion.  Please make sure there are no children around should you choose to listen to it – and make sure you are in a safe place to be able to process what you’re about to listen to.


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