Sick And Ruthless Campaign Shouts How “Beautiful” Abortion Is

Photo by The Honest Company on Unsplash


Abortion is a brutal act that ends the life of an unborn child and damages both the body and soul of the mother.

Pro-aborts insist that abortion is simply “healthcare” – and that women only use it as a “safe option” when they don’t know what else to do.

But the truth is, many women are actively seeking and choosing abortions – and then bragging about their “beautiful experience.”

As if there is anything beautiful about ending the life of an innocent baby.

When a pro-life article titled “Abortion Isn’t Beautiful” was published, pro-aborts threw a fit.

Showing no remorse for deciding to have an abortion, pro-abort women actually penned a rebuttal stating why their abortions were beautiful.

The disturbing article featured 5 women talking about how abortion is a beautiful experience and they have absolutely no regrets.

One woman started off by stating all the beautiful things in the world she loves that are full of warmth and “gorgeous light.”

She lists things like a good meal, mountains, and BOTH of her abortions.

Her rant includes describing her abortion as a positive experience where she woke up, drank a soda, and then walked out into the sunshine feeling free.

No she isn’t talking about a Saturday picnic – she is truly describing her abortion!

Rewire reported:

“My abortions brought me joy and relief and sanity when I needed it most. They allowed me to be myself and direct what happens within my own body and life. I think back on my abortions and related experiences with deep fondness and appreciation. My abortions were beautiful. Abortion is beautiful.”

An unborn baby was slaughtered and not given a chance to live, but this woman is fond of her experience and thinks it was beautiful.

Another woman shared she got an abortion without hesitation because she didn’t want a child nor had time for one.

Rewire continued:

“I was busy working and going to school full-time while parenting my daughter, who was born my senior year in high school. I knew that I did not have the capacity for, nor did I want, another child. My decision to have an abortion was one I made easily and without hesitation.”

Without hesitation?

These women make it seem like killing a human baby is as simple as choosing a pasta at the supermarket.

Sadly, as more and more pro-abort advocates come out to try and change the “stigma” on abortion, we can expect to see more of these stories.

Like the Shout Your Abortion campaign which tried to encourage teens to get an abortion by making it seem popular and normal.

Instead of offering women alternatives – like adoption – abortion clinics push abortions.

Even during a pandemic while essential surgeries were shut down – abortions continued – risking the lives of women.

Pro-lifers need to stay vigilant and continue to speak truth on the horrors of abortion – unborn lives depend on it!

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