Abortions During COVID-19 Just Became Even More Dangerous For Moms

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash


It’s a well-known fact, abortion facilities are a dangerous place for both mothers and their babies.

Horror stories of botched abortions where the inside of a woman is forever damaged, to babies born alive and left to die should be enough to stop a woman from ever stepping foot through its doors.

But during a worldwide pandemic, pro-aborts are still advocating killing babies is essential – and  they refuse to stop slaughtering innocent lives even if it means endangering the lives of women.

Liberal safe havens like New York are encouraging everything from home abortions with the pill to full-blown ripping a baby from a woman’s womb – even during a pandemic.

It’s no secret the medical community is short on supplies like gloves and masks.

In fact, many are relying on donations from strangers just to have essential protections to do their jobs.

This alone should be all the more reason to stop abortions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Resources should be saved for essential doctors who are working to save lives – not end them.

In Louisiana, residents were ordered to stay at home and avoid all non-essential activities due to a massive COVID-19 outbreak.

But abortions were deemed essential and still allowed to take place.

Even more horrifying when one abortionist showed up to start killing babies – he arrived in filthy scrubs.

And with the help of his pro-abort friends, he proceeded to rip babies from their mother’s womb – bringing all his contamination into the facility, reported Operation Rescue.

Of course, instead of stopping this man from killing babies, pro-lifers were the only ones threatened that day.

Operation Rescue reported:

“If the abortionist can’t even wear a clean shirt to work, he’s certainly not fit to conduct surgical abortions on women,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “During this unprecedented health emergency, it’s simply appalling that the Delta Clinic is allowed to endanger the public while peaceful pro-life activists obeying recommended safety protocols, are threatened with arrest for trying to prevent harm to women and their babies. The Department of Health needs to stop covering up for abortionists and start protecting the public from Louisiana’s dangerous abortion mills.”

The fact that liberals are willing to push for abortions, even at the risk of further endangering the lives of women reveals their true agenda.

They aren’t “pro-woman.”

In fact, they are so obsessed with being able to kill unborn babies, they’ll advocate for it at all costs – and even remain silent as abortionists show up to perform the gruesome task wearing filthy scrubs.

And in one of the most blatant displays of hypocrisy – pro-lifers who are wearing masks and practicing social distancing are chastised for praying outside the facility.

What a world we live in, where prayer is banned, yet dirty abortions are allowed to take place.

And even though this particular abortion facility is a repeat offender – with more than 50 pages of violations – they are allowed to remain open.

Sadly, it might have to take women continuing to die at the hands of abortionists for things to change.

Let’s hope these dirty abortion buildings are shut down once and for all – so both babies and mothers have a chance at life.


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