Horrific 911 Call Of Woman Who Survived Botched Abortion

The screams and agony of a woman in pain can be heard in the background of a frantic 911 call where abortionists botched the job.

Not only did the mother get her unborn baby ripped out of her body, the abortionists pierced her uterus and she suffered from a collapsed lung.

But despite the horrific ordeal this woman endured, pro-aborts still defend the clinic where this woman could have lost her life.

Operation Rescue reported:

“Northland Family Planning is a National Abortion Federation member that is owned by long-time abortion chain operator Renee Chelian, who boasts of having killed her own child during an illegal abortion in 1966. Her website states that it provides “exceptional women’s reproductive health care in an environment that is safe.”

Clearly a woman who survived a botched abortion and had to be rushed to the hospital with a collapsed lung is not “safe”!

But it gets worse.

This woman’s botched abortion wasn’t the first to take place at Northland Family Planning.

According to Operation Rescue, 5 women who entered Northland Family Planning had to be hospitalized… within the past 6 months!

Women are barely making it out alive at this abortion provider.

Operation Rescue continued:

“We plan to release the rest of the 911 records as we get them for each of these incidents.  The frequency with which abortion-related medical emergencies are happening at this one abortion clinic is cause for alarm,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.  “Something is very wrong there, and it’s not too surprising since National Abortion Federation members tend to be among the worst abortion clinics in the country.  All of Chelian’s abortion dumps should be shut down immediately!”

It seems as if abortion providers are more concerned about keeping the doors of abortion clinics open than they are at ensuring women are safe and protected.

The fact that this clinic remains open is outrageous.

What is it going to take for the doors to close?

But the fact women are in danger at abortion clinics shouldn’t come as a surprise.

As Mommy Underground previously reported the dangers women face while entering into the abortion clinic are real.

While pro-aborts try and spin these procedures as “safe” for women, nothing could be further from the truth.

And if you’ve seen Unplanned, you may recall the scene in the movie recalling just how dangerous abortions can be for women.

The common theme is a disregard for life – like the time Planned Parenthood officials said babies who survive botched abortions deserve to die.

The young woman on this most recent 911 call was only in her mid-20s.

She may have thought she was doing the right thing by aborting her baby, and she was probably fed the lie that her “procedure” was safe.

Thankfully she was able to survive and actually received medical care, but not every woman gets that chance.

And now in addition to processing the trauma of having her baby aborted, this woman will not only have to heal emotional scars, but physical as well.

Below is a video of the 911 call where Northland Family Planning describes the botched abortion as a “surgical termination of pregnancy.”

Do you think this abortion clinic should be closed immediately?

Why do you think the media continues to portray abortion clinics as safe places for women?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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